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No such thing as “perfect” in this world of curls.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
No such thing as “perfect" in this world of curls.
by Janae_Raquel

It’s every girls dream to have those “perfect curls.” Over the past few years, I have tried everything- from scrunching, to diffusing, and back to my all time headache- air drying. Thankfully, today I have perfected my craft and I want to share it with you. I used to be the kind of girl who thought that if my curls were the least bit altered from the way I stepped out of the shower, they were ruined. WRONG! All it takes is a little trial and error to tackle the curl demons- and the number one ingredient to having amazing curls is PATIENCE. Invest and apply!

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I recently posted a photo on my instagram @Janae_Raquel captioned : “Good hair days >”. This was a photo taken on “two day hair,” after using DevaCurl’s Heaven in Intense Moisture Treatment (as a styler). This seems to be my hairs’s bff. It serves the purpose of a deep conditioner + styler-how awesome is that?! The first time using it, I decided to use a technique I picked up at the Deva Chan salon. On fresh wet hair, I split it into four sections and in very small sections ran the product through it coating it from root to tip. I know you’re probably thinking,

isn’t that going to ruin my pattern?

will my curls pop back?

No- you will not ruin your pattern. The temperature of the water will however. Cool water please! #Tip

Yes- your curls will snap back just like Kerry Washington did after her baby.

Looking back at old photos, not remembering what products I used when I had this look or if I air dried my hair that that look- pretty annoying to say the least. So what I did was, I began sticking to the script. I started using the same products, same routine, and actually got to know my curls. Curls are going to turn their own tables and it’s not really up to you. We hope to inspire you to embrace and accept your curl pattern, texture, and length.

Back when I used to air dry by driving my car down the highway receiving maximum levels of volume from natural air, I used to lightly rake the product through my hair (basically being afraid of who it actaully was)- mostly in my crown area and then scrunch the bottom. The tables have turned- I now section, intensely rake, and dry in intervals. (Do try this at home) Watch my wash n’ go tutorial here.

When it comes down to it- everyone at some point in their life wanted the “perfect curls,” or still do. With my experience, I feel like you should allow your hair to be free. Trying to perfect your curls, takes time and energy, and will not channel the nature of your actual curls. When you style properly* on day one, you should be able to hold off on re-styling for atleast two more days.

For the future, understand that you must become comfortable within your own curl world, create your own curl perspective on what fits YOU- then accept and embrace that. There will be days where frizz can’t be controlled by a remote. Validate yourself. Stop tip toeing around who your hair really is. Once you embrace your hair, you will enjoy your hair.

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What styling technique were you originally doubtful of, but later proved to be AMAZING for your curls? 

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