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Steam Treatments for Healthy Scalp and Moisturized Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Steam Treatments for Healthy Scalp and Moisturized Hair
Wouldn’t you like to experience the indulgent lifestyle of the ancient Turks, Romans, and Greeks? The culture during that time was much focused on health and balanced well-being. Those who were most privileged were exceptionally beautiful. Their physical preservation had everything to do with the food they consumed, and the physical and spiritual rituals performed, such as steam bathing. One way that we can experience a tidbit of their luxurious lifestyle is through steam treatments, otherwise known as steam therapy. A steam treatment is a detoxifying and nourishing method that balances your body and enriches your soul. Studies have shown that regular steaming can decrease stress, rid the body of toxins, and increase circulation according to CareFair Online

Many of us do not have the full steam houses they enjoyed in ancient days, but the market provides at-home steamers such as the Huetiful Steamer, the Q-Redew, and many others. Some have even opted to use their bath and shower rooms for steaming. The benefits of steam for your hair and scalp are rich and plenty. Hairfinder explains it this way, “Probably the greatest benefit of steam for most people is the tendency of steam baths to open the pores of the skin and allow free flow of sebum and clearing of the ducts and glands in the skin. Since the scalp is made of skin with hair follicles growing from it, steam can help to alleviate common scalp issues, such as dryness and flaking, and excessive-oil production. The warmth and moisture help stimulate circulation and flush out toxins from the skin.”

These benefits are too good to pass up. We know that impurities in our system could lead to scalp conditions like dandruff or psoriasis, so regulation of sebum is highly important. As is increased blood flow, a major contributor to hair growth. Let us not fail to mention the enhanced deep conditioning that occurs through the gentleness of steam compared to direct heat methods like your hair dryer. Performed correctly, these steam treatments are wonderful for all hair types. They are especially nourishing to low-porosity hair. Those with higher porosity strands will benefit greatly, but will want to steam treat less frequently to prevent the hair from rapid swelling. Always remember to rinse your hair with cool water after steam therapy in order to lock in moisture and reflect shine.

Three Ways to Steam Your Hair

-STEAM ROOM: Found in high-end luxury establishments like fitness clubs or day spas, which pamper your body from head to toe. Specialty locations may incorporate essential oils for added benefits.

-PORTABLE STEAMER: These can be found online or in local beauty stores, typically for the hair and face. This type will provide direct steam to your desired areas for acute treatment.

-PERSONAL BATH OR SHOWER ROOM: Your own bathroom could be your steam room by placing a towel beneath your door as a means of restricting heat from escaping and a plastic cap over your head while the shower or bath is running.

The steam room at a day spa would be the most expensive option, yet includes full relaxation. A portable steamer could run you $70-$200, and you would have multiple uses. Your personal bathroom appears to include no cost at all, but could affect your water usage if you complete the recommended steam time of 30-45 min.

A portable steamer would provide an intentional treatment, directly to your hair and scalp. The day spa steam room and bathroom options would provide a gentle treatment and affect your entire body.

Take Away
All methods benefit your hair and your scalp, so the choice is yours.

What method is best for your current hair needs, budget, and schedule?

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