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3 Tips to Help You Get Through Wash Day

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
3 Tips to Help You Get Through Wash Day
by ToiaB of

For some, the mere thought of wash day is met with eye rolls and pouts aplenty! Well, I wanted to offer just a few tips that may change your view. This isn’t necessarily a list of harsh rules or talk of products to use but just some practical suggestions to help you make the most of your wash day and get through it without grumbling.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Now, I know they call it “wash DAY” but it doesn’t always have to take that long. At the same time, you don’t wanna rush through it either. You ever speed through a task just to get it done already? More often than not, you wind up skipping steps or not doing a thorough enough job. In my experience, it doesn’t pay to try to properly wash AND style my hair when I’m pressed for time so I’ve found it better to do so when I’m completely free or close to it. This means less stress for me and there’s also a practical benefit…

Ever find flakes in your hair or on your scalp and you JUST washed it? *shakes fist* Aaaargh! One of two things may have happened- (1) either you didn’t cleanse your hair and scalp properly or (2) you may not have rinsed out the product thoroughly in your efforts to beat the clock. Then you go and layer more product on top of the stuff you never really got rid of in the first place! #NotCute. We’re now talkin’ about product buildup, clogged pores/follicles and the hair may not have the appearance of overall health. Plus, your products may not work as intended because your hair isn’t free of all the schmutz you had on it before. Healthy hair needs to thrive from a clean and healthy environment so make sure you devote enough time to do it right.

Plan Ahead & Organize

I like to know ahead of time what products and/or tools I’m going to need so I ask myself things like, “Am I just cleansing and conditioning? Do I need to deep condition this week? Do I need to steam my hair?” …all that good stuff. Having all my products and tools laid out and at the ready makes life a bit easier so I’m not fumbling for things with dripping wet hair.

Make a Day of It… a Spa Day, That Is!

I have yet to do this but I’ve got a few friends who make wash day an entire experience! They draw a bubble bath, do an at-home mani-pedi, facial mask, the whole nine yards. In line with the first tip, why not just give yourself the whole day and pamper yourself?! We can all use some “me time” so go ahead and make it wash day. Instead of dreading the time you’ll spend, you’ll be giving yourself something to look forward to with anticipation at the end of a busy day/week.

Do you already implement these tips in your routine? What are some things YOU’VE done to make the most of your wash day? We’d love to know!

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