Introduce yourself!
Hello loves! My name is Paville (pronounced Ah-Vee-L) and I am a Vlogger, Blogger, and Talk Show Host. I make content focused on makeup, natural hair, and skincare. I also have a talk show on my channel where I feature other up and coming Vloggers/Bloggers.

How long have you been natural?
I have been natural on & off for four years. I initially big chopped Dec 10′ and remained natural for a year and then I relaxed my hair. I decided to big chop again in Aug 12′ and AGAIN in Sept 13′.
I think this will be the last time I cut my hair, but who knows?
What’s your daily hair routine?

My daily hair routine depends on how my hair is at the moment. Normally I wear wigs throughout the week for work. So my hair remains in twists and I sprtiz my hair with water everyday. If I am wearing my hair I moisturize my hair with Shea Moisture CES about three times a week and spritz my hair with water everyday and seal with coconut oil.

Watch her routine!

Products mentioned in this video

-PRE-POO: Organix Tea Tree Mint, Moroccan Argan Oil and Biotin & Collagen conditioners to pre-poo, and aloe vera gel
-SHAMPOO:SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo or Curl & Shine Hibiscus Shampoo
-DEEP CONDITION:SheaMoisture Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque or the Deep Treatment Masque
-LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER:SheaMoisture Restorative Leave-In Conditioner or the Volumizing Conditioner followed by flaxseed oil
-STYLING PRODUCTS: SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and shea butter, and the Curling Gel Souffle

What are your favorite products?
SHEAMOISTURE! I try other things but I always go back to their products. I love that it works for my hair. I also love coconut oil and JBCO castor oil.

What’s your nighttime routine?
If it is not already twisted I band my hair or put my hair in chunky twists. After that I put a scarf on or a satin bonnet and go to sleep.Thats it. If it is not already twisted I band my hair or put my hair in chunky twists. After that I put a scarf on or a satin bonnet and go to sleep. Thats it.

Do you ever get tired of natural hair?
I do, and when that happens I put on a wig.

When did you start vlogging?
I started vlogging last year in May 13′.

How did you become a successful vlogger/guru?
What I consider successful is having an audience that likes me for me and learns from or is entertained by the content I put out. I feel like that I have reached this by staying consistent and trying to put by best foot forward every time I post a video.

Do you have any advice for new natural hair vloggers?
Quality over quantity and the importance of consistency.

Any upcoming projects/events you’d like to tell us about
I am in the process of putting relaunching my Talk Show where I interview up and coming and well known vloggers/bloggers Fall 14′. If you are interested and want to see past interviews or want to be apart of the show follow this link.

Where can we follow you online for future updates?

YouTube- Pavilleis
Instagram- Pavilleis
Twitter- Pavilleis

CN Says:
I’m HERE for that cut and them brows! #ThatIsAll