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DIY: Creamy Custard Styler for Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
DIY: Creamy Custard Styler for Natural Hair

by Alex of TheGoodHairBlog

What’s better than a good DIY that will leave you with a plethora of product you can keep, share or both?! I’ve been itching for a new creamy hair custard that was easy to whip up and smooth on my strands, FOUND ONE.  The Creamy Custard is super smooth and infused will all sorts of goodness.

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DIY: Creamy Custard Styler for Natural Hair

You will need the following:

-.2 oz Aloe Butter
-.2 oz Babassu Oil
-.2 oz Shea Butter
-.3 oz Cocoa Butter
-.2 oz Emulsifying Wax (binds water and oil)

-.2 oz Vegetable Glycerin
-.2 oz Vitamin E
– 2.4 oz Distilled Water

-Lavender flowers
-Hibiscus Powder

(CamdenGrey has a great variety of oils, waxes and butters)

(adapted from LuminousVegans)

  1. Sterilize all lotion making equipment (spoons, glass cups/jars, lids, etc) before hand. This just means cleaning them thoroughly and then boiling them in hot water and letting them dry.
  2. Measure out the solids in a glass pyrex cup and heat until liquified. I used a double boiler which is just fancy talk for immersing the cup in a pot of water on the stove at low heat. Microwaving the solids is fine too.
  3. Measure out the liquid oils in another cup.
  4. Add the liquified solids to the liquid oils.
  5. Add the distilled water and blend everything together using an immersion blender.
  6. Add the extra stuff and blend until everything is well mixed. It should be white, but still pretty liquidy at this point.
  7. Pour into jar and put on lid. 
  8. Let set overnight before slathering it on.

**I infused my water with lavender petals and hibiscus powder. Optional, you don’t have to.*

DIY: Creamy Custard Styler for Natural Hair

What do you think? Would you give it a go?

Are you a mixtress or a ‘I’ll just buy it’ kinda curly?

*edited to add*

CN Says:
Check out Tonya’s article that discusses safely handling and preserving homemade natural hair products!

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