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Curly Nikki

La Familia

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
La Familia
with my boo…

Hola chicas!

We touched down in D.C. long enough to pack our ish into smaller bags and catch a nap.  Gia kept making comments like, ‘I remember this house’, ‘I remember this couch…’, ‘oh, and this room! I remember it too!’  I was like, ‘Boogs, this is OUR house, tho… this is YOUR room!’.

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And although she was hella hype to get to St. Louis, I’m pretty sure the nostalgia in her eyes is an argument for sitting the hell down for a minute.  And we will… as soon as I turn up with the fam right quick.  #SoSaintLouis #GottaFlightToATLtomorrowTho #ThenBacktoSTL #AndThenBackToDC #GotDamnGotDamn

Later Gators,

p.s. That moment when we pulled up to Grandma’s house to find her sitting on the porch and Boogie’s observant ass proclaimed, ‘ooooh, Grandma Maxine looks fannnnnncy! Look at those pink glasses!’  I cannot. And I won’t. #WeLookedForHerActualGlasses #TheyGone

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