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Techniques for Long-Lasting Moisture

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Techniques for Long-Lasting Moisture

One of my only natural hair grievances is having lack of moisture. I feel like I am on a never-ending quest to finding the right combination to keeping my wash and go’s moisturized for more than one day. Here are techniques that help my hair retain long-lasting moisture:

Seal with the right oil for youMost naturals use a variation of oils to seal their hair however, I had to give more thought to what oil I was using in order to seal effectively. I like to use olive oil in my deep conditioning mixture however, when it comes to sealing, it has always seemed too light for my hair. So, I switched over to the pricey but great argan oil. Argan oil is a bit heavier which is more effective for my hair. It hydrates my curls, strengthens weak hair strands, and helps to restore your hair’s natural shine. I love it!

Deep condition regularly
Okay, I realize that you can over condition your hair, but that is not the case for me because my hair loves the moisture. Now I typically deep condition with a heat cap once per week and do mini deep conditions every time I do a wash and go (typically 1-2 times per week) by using Aussie 3 Miracle Moisture Treatment. This ensures that my hair stays hydrated.

Green House Method
Because I have low porosity hair, I find that I have to practically force the moisture into my strands. During the week, if my wash and go is a bit dry, I like to use this method to get some moisture back into my strands. If I directly spray my hair with water, it will sit on the top of my hair and then dry up.

How I do the green house method: With a water bottle, I spray water in the air and allow it to fall over my hair. If I spray it directly, my hair is too wet and then the green house method just makes my hair frizzy. From there I place a plastic shower cap on my head for about an hour, remove it, and then re-seal the hair.

Triple sealing method

I’ve tried it all: conditioner only method, conditioner with gel, gel only, sealing with all of the above and none have worked. I realized that I needed multiple layers of moisture at all times. Since my twist outs stay very moisturized, I decided to apply the technique I use doing twist outs to my wash and go’s. This means I leave three layers of moisture in my hair when I do wash and go’s so that my hair stays shiny and hydrated for a longer period of time. My first layer is typically the conditioner. I always leave a bit of conditioner in my hair no matter how I’m styling it. Next, I add a heavier cream or butter product in my hair and lastly, I seal with argan oil or a shea butter and argan mix. This by far is the best technique for keeping my hair hydrated.

How do you keep your hair moisturized for more than one day?

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