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Tips for Short, Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tips for Short, Natural Hair

Paville (YouTube: Paville Aldridge, Instagram: Pavilleis) shares tips on caring for type 4 TWA natural hair.

1. Why so complicated?
Cutting your transitioning hair or doing a big chop is exciting, but don’t overdo it on the regimens, treatments, and methods. In the long run, you may cause more harm than good.

2. Learn your hair
Whenever your hair is short, you get to figure out easier what products are working for you.

3. Consistency is key!
If it works for you, do that. Stay consistent. Over time, your hair will start to flourish because of your healthy habits.

4. Moisturize your hair
This is an important part of haircare; you want to prevent as much breakage and hair fall as possible. Seal in all the moisture you get!

5. You’re not limited in styling
From time to time, I like to do twist-outs, blow-outs, or put my hair in a puff. As long as you have an inch of hair to work with, you can try these. I also like protective styles. Just remember that they’re not harming your scalp and edges, and they are PROTECTING them!

6. Condition, condition, condition!
You need that in your life! When I first BC’d, I conditioned more frequently. To this day, I condition every week for soft, supple natural hair.

7. Protein balance
Every 4-6 weeks I do a protein treatment on my hair. But going back to tip number 2: find out what your hair specifically needs, first.

8. Low-manipulation
You want the thick ends and edges to NOT be see-through. Keep this in mind while styling. Make sure you apply coconut oil whenever you are working with your hair. And make sure your nails are filed and not jagged, as this can add to breakage. Also, sleep on a satin or silk pillow case and use a bonnet! No cotton!

To sum it up
Have patience. Take care of what you have, now. You don’t want your hair to be “ragged & jagged”!

How do you (or did you) care for your short, natural hair? Share your regimen and pics below!

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