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Saada Ahmed is Naturally Glam!

By October 4th, 2021No Comments
Saada Ahmed is Naturally Glam!

Creator of Sokoni Worlwide, co-creator of the “Everyday People” brunches in NYC, and a Dark and Lovely Au Naturale ambassador, Saada Ahmed wears many hats.  She’s also #TeamNatural! 


Tell us your hair journey
I never reallly had a transition phase with my hair. My hair has been natural the majority of my life. I had a mild relaxer in high school once, but it grew out without much of a headache thankfully! However, I did wear my hair blown out, straight up until college. I decided to embrace the fro and wear my hair curly my second semester of college. It wasn’t really a conscious thought to wear my natural hair more, so it was easier to wash and go. Since then my texture has changed and I realized you have to put as much effort in maintaining a curly style as much as wearing your hair straight.

Had you always loved your natural texture? If not, how did you come to embrace it?
When I was younger growing up in Georgia, I was constantly bombarded with images of straight hair and just for me/pcj ads. So, I really hated having poofy hair! But during that time I kept my hair in braids or pulled back with a side swoop. I later in life came to embrace and appreciate my big curly hair.

Saada Ahmed is Naturally Glam!

How did your family receive your decision to wear your natural texture?
My mom has always been very anti relaxer so she has always supported natural hair. However, rocking the afro was new to her and seemed dated haha. But now she is used to it, and just wants me to keep it hydrated.

What’s your favorite thing about your natural hair?
The versatility and not worrying about the weather affecting my hair.

What is your hair care regimen?
It depends on what style I’m going for. But I tend to wash my hair once week and use Au naturale products. I shampoo and condition and make sure to use a leave in conditioner as well as coconut oil to keep my hair from being brittle and dry. Once a month I deep condition my hair. I try to keep it simple.

Saada Ahmed is Naturally Glam!

What would you tell someone that was thinking about transitioning to natural hair?
Dont be afraid! Your hair that is growing out of your head is beautiful and don’t let societal pressures make you feel otherwise. We all come in all shapes and sizes and so does our hair and that’s what makes everyone so unique.

Tell us about your current and upcoming projects!
I am continuing the Everyday People brunch once a month in NYC (which has its share of beautiful natural hair ladies) and working on my creative agency Sokoni Worldwide which is soon to be launched!

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