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Silly Rabbit, Afro Puffs Are For Kids!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Silly Rabbit, Afro Puffs Are For Kids!
by Yolanda Renee of

Silly rabbit, afro puffs are for kids! Yea right! Lol. I’ve always wanted to try this style but never got around to it. Styles like these are ideal for attending fun natural hair events. Whenever I go to natural hair events I feel like I have to rock my signatue heart shape ‘fro…but that’s not the case. When you attend natural hair events it is the time to experiment with crazy styles. 

Afro puffs are usually worn by kids or Lady Rage.  Remember her from back in the day. “I ROCK RUFF N’ STUFF WITH MY AFRO PUFFS, AYYYYEEE!” What’s the next line? I know you know it! Ha! But seriously rocking two puffs is okay for us too! Of course it’s not work appropriate in my opinion (depending on where you work) but it’s definitely a style you can rock during the weekend or to a natural hair event.

For this style I started on dry stretched hair. To add moisture, I used my Q-Redew steamer to loosen up my strands, add moisture & softness. This process actually reactivated the products that were previously used to style my hair, so I didn’t have to add anymore product. I then added coconut oil to seal in the moisture and gently detangled small sections of my hair. Once detangled, I did a two strand twist to keep it tamed and to add a bit of definition. I didn’t keep these twists in all day, though. The twists were only in my head during the detangling session. But once I was finished, I took the twists down and my hair had a bit of definition. Just enough for this style. I mean, it is afro puffs, so tight definition is not needed. To learn more about this style watch the video tutorial below:


Now let’s talk! What do you think about this style? Do you agree certain hairstyles are not work appropriate?

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