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Curly Nikki

9 Genius Natural Hair Hacks

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

I do not know anyone who does not enjoy a good shortcut or trick, especially if it can help your hair regimen. You may be familiar with some of these and not so familiar with others, but here are some natural hair hacks to help when you are in a bind or want to make managing your hair easier.

1. Stocking hair ties
Have an old pair of stockings? Well, slice a piece of those puppies off to make your own very stretchy hair ties. These hair ties are perfect for coarse, dense hair and tighten really nicely.

2. Plastic bag caps
When you are out of a plastic cap and need to deep condition, just grab a plastic grocery bag and tie it around your head. Not only is this a good solution for deep conditioning, you can throw the bag out once your are done without having to clean it.

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3. T-shirt drying
Most of us know that towel drying causes frizz, but not t-shirt drying. Use a t-shirt instead if you need to get your hair dried without causing frizz and breakage.

4. Headband as a hair tie
As you hair grows longer it gets harder to use small hair ties and that is where elastic headbands come in. Depending on your preference and your hair, you can choose a headband material that suits you and it will be easier to tightly secure around your hair without slipping and loosing the shape of the ponytail that you want.

5. Wet bun to stretch your hair
I saw this trick from a naturally hair mommy blogger. She did a wash and go on her daughter’s hair and let it air dry for 20 min to an hour. Then, she twisted her hair into a bun so that the curls stretch for at least an hour. Once released, the hair is still wet but the curls are more stretched and dry that way without causing frizz.

6. Rinse in cold water for more shiny hair
Sometimes the simplest tricks are easy to forget. For shinier hair, simply rinse in very cold water. Cold water closes the cuticle and thus leaves you with shinier hair.

7. Detangle with less mess & easy clean up
Cover your sink with saran wrap so that you can easily and quickly clean up when you are done styling your hair. If you ever detangle and wash in the sink it can become a big mess. To avoid this try detangling while in the shower so that the flying conditioner is not all over your bathroom but in your tub to make for easy clean up.

8. Don’t feel sexy in your satin bonnet?
That’s okay you can still wear it, just wrap a more fashionable head wrap around it like you would if you were going out. This hides the hair bonnet but your hair is still protected and you look cute.

9. Rehydrate dry, frizzy hair overnight
I had a wash and go earlier this week but had no time to deep condition, so I doused my dry hair in a conditioner and olive oil mixture, placed it in a high bun, and wrapped it up. I went to sleep (hair did not wet my pillow) and when I awoke my hair was deeply moisturized. To avoid oil dripping on your pillow you can tie a t-shirt around your head and lay a t-shirt over your pillow for additional protection.

What are some of your curly hair hacks?

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