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A Response to ‘Projecting Our Anti-Blackness onto Blue Ivy’

By October 4th, 2021No Comments
A Response to 'Projecting Our Anti-Blackness onto Blue Ivy'


by Christian Byshe’ of

The article titled “Projecting Our Anti-Blackness onto Blue Ivy” awakened so much emotion within me that I immediately rushed to my blog to pen my thoughts. This article resonated on so many levels for me because anti-blackness is the term I have been searching for. Since I re-Big Chopped, I have found myself to be the recipient of legitimate scrutiny and harsh criticism. People have questioned why I would cut off 2 years worth of long beautiful hair. They place so much emphasis on that long part like instead of simply cutting my hair, I had actually cut a slash into my face. Something detrimental or irrevocable.

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People have asked me if my decision derived from insecurities or if I cut my hair in a fit of rage. They have implied that my decision was misguided, rebellious, childish. You name it, I have heard it at this point. I have even had people go as far as to tell me that my professional life has officially been stunted and that my hair is deemed improper for the workplace.

This is all incredibly interesting to me because just a few weeks ago I was walking around my workplace with 26 inch weave grazing my cheeks, yet not a comment was made in regards to my professionalism, my appearance, my decision making. So now I am quite puzzled. Why is my decision to rock a short funky taper cut that shows off my bomb curl pattern such an issue? Why does it grind people’s gears that I cut off my LONG beautiful hair.

I know why lovers, I know why.

It is because that LONG flowing hair made me one step closer to the European standard of beauty. My short kinky hair is the farthest thing from whiteness and that makes people UNCOMFORTABLE. It causes a reaction within them at their core that is totally against expressions of blackness.

HOW is the hair that grows straight from my SCALP not appropriate?

HOW is the hair that grows from my head not PROFESSIONAL?

Apparently blackness is simply not safe for work. People discuss natural hair in the workplace as if it is akin to someone viewing porn from their work issued desktop computer. Natural hair is scrutinized and deemed a danger to future success because “people” just won’t accept it.

Well you know what, these natural curls will be all up and through my job. I will rock the hair that GOD, yes GOD, saw fit to give to me when he created me. This is the hair that GROWS right from my scalp so pardon me if I rock it like it was meant to be rocked.

I don’t see anyone rushing to tell other races to calm their ethnic features down, so don’t turn to me and tell me how I am naturally, is just too much for work.

**drops mic**

What say you?

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