Dear Big Chopper,

First, I would like to congratulate you for doing the big chop. It takes a lot of courage and confidence to accept the natural hair that you were born with. I am sure that you have heard mixed reviews about your decision. You have those that absolutely love your haircut and think it is fabulous! You probably also had reactions from others that did not care too much about your new look. People will have their opinions, even if you did not ask for them. Keep your head up and stay confident. You made this decision for a reason.

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If you big chopped during the warmer months, I am sure you enjoyed being able to simply wash and go. You were able to walk out of the house with damp hair. Your curls were shiny from the daily co-wash treatments during the week. Now that the colder season is approaching and the fall is giving you a sneak peak, are your curls reacting differently? Are they dry, brittle, and not popping like they were in the summer time? Is the regimen that you perfected not working for you anymore? Trust me, I understand how you feel. I decided to big chop in the summer and once the cold weather approached, I was not sure how to take care for my curls. I did not know how to achieve the same results that I received in the summer. I became discouraged because I felt so confident with my natural hair, I did not want the feeling to stop due to change of weather. After much research and trial/error, I came across solutions that helped me during the winter blues and I have used them since.

4 Tips to Get You Through Your Big Chop

  1. Keep your curls moisturized and find a leave-in conditioner and sealant that work best for you. Your curls need a lot of moisture in the winter, so share the love and be generous with the amount of product that you use.
  2. Yes, you are not able to easily wash and go like you did a few months ago. But if you want to refresh your hair with water, do so once you get out of bed in the morning. It will give your curls some time to dry before you head out the house.
  3. If you are just having a bad hair day, then grab a head scarf or hat. It does not have be a dreadful experience, pick out your favorite head scarf that makes your beautiful eyes pop. Wear a fashion forward hat that perfectly matches your outfit for the day.
  4. Last but not least, always smile. This is a tough time and an unfamiliar experience, but smiling will always help you through the process. People will pay attention to your beautiful smile way more than your hair.

Remember, this is a journey and you will have peaks and valleys. Your natural hair journey is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, even while you are learning.

My curly queen, it is time to take on the winter. Bring out your products, hair accessories, and a smile along the way.


Your curl friend Ashley