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Illipe Butter to Restore Natural Hair Elasticity

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Illipe Butter to Restore Natural Hair Elasticity

What is Illipe Butter?
Illipe butter is the fat from the nuts of the Shorea stenoptera, which is a wild crop in the Borneo jungle of Southeast Asia. It flowers from October through January and the nuts are collected once they fall to the ground.

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 It becomes a pale yellow, solid fat after extraction with a chemical composition that parallels cocoa butter with a lightly higher melting point. Illipe butter contains oleic, palmitic, steric, and linoleic acids. It is a hard butter that melts when in contact with skin.

How to Use It
According to My Green Australia, illipe butter is used for various skin care preparations such as nourishing night creams, sun products, hair masks, make-up foundations, soaps, and lip balms. It is also recommended to heal sores, mouth ulcers, and reinforce the skin lipidic barrier while helping maintain skin moisturization.

The Benefits
This is a great product to keep your dry hair and skin at bay during the colder months. Excellent in soaps for doing just that since it is a long-lasting moisturizer. Very popular in lip treatments, you can find small amounts of it added to numerous products and it can be used as a pure 100% lip balm. It acts as a shield from the harsh outside elements and drying inside temperatures by keeping your lips moist.

With such a magnificent chemical composition it only makes sense it would also be an advantage to healthy hair care. For years this butter has been used for skin and hair because of its incredible moisturizing properties. Illipe butter will restore elasticity to dry, over-processed (by chemicals or color) tresses and is quite popular as a hair mask ingredient. According to eHow, there are quite a few products on the market already using this beneficial butter but if adding to hair treatments the recommended percentage added should be in the 2 to 5% range.

Here are some popular products using illipe butter to give your hair elasticity and moisture.

Curly Kinks Twist Whip
Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine
Pura Body Naturals Cupuacu Hair Butter
MarieDean Yogurt Smoothy Cream
Entwine ‘Indulgently Luxe’ Exotique Butter Creme Hydrator
BeUnique Moisture Custard

Do you use Illipe butter?

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