Wearing a ‘fro is one of my favorite
things to do! I love the look and I love anything that’s BIG. But after
about a week, your ‘fro starts looking crazy. You either have to wash
it and start all over or turn it into a entirely new style. If your a
busy woman like I am, you probably would rather turn it into a quick
style that’s presentable.

That’s where this handy tutorial comes into play! In 10 minutes you can
change your fro into my a sexy, stylish two-strand twist bun.

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 1) To re-moisturize my hair, I used two products
from Arvazallia; Arvazallia Premium Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Ultra
Curl Defining Cream with Argan Oil.

In medium sections, I two-strand twisted my hair. When you are doing
your two-strand twists, make sure to twist a little bit tighter at the
root because this is going to give your twists definition while they are in
the bun.

I gathered up my hair and placed a donut bun in the middle of my twists.
A donut bun will give your bun a nice, full look. To achieve a
realistic bun, I wrap kinky curly hair around the bun before I use it on
my head. This ensures that if there are gaps in your bun you will see
hair that matches your own and not a fake looking donut.

Wrap your twists over the top of the donut bun. Secure the twist to
the donut bun with bobby pins. And lastly, place an elastic band around
the bun to give it shape.

you tried this style out, I wanna see! Please share your pictures with
me on Instagram @TheWeaveWhisperer with the hashtag #ProctectiveBunWW