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5 Natural Hair Styles and Techniques…I Don’t Have Time For.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Natural Hair Styles and Techniques...I Don't Have Time For.

I am a lazy natural. I am not one for spending crazy amounts of time on style, techniques, and routines. It makes me antsy and annoyed. Yea, I try to do Bantu knots or twist outs but end up hating the outcome and going right back to my wash and go that is full of ease. I realize we all have our opinions on what is easy and convenient, and for me jumping in the shower to run water and conditioner through my hair is easier than most anything else I do for my hair. I love the ease of my routine, and because I am super busy I do not have a lot of time for hairstyles. I spend what I need to keep my hair healthy and protected but outside of that you are not going to see me with intricate styles. Here is a list of some of the styles and techniques that I don’t have the time or the patience for.  
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Shaved Sides
The style of the shaved sides or back may be fading but they were never interesting enough for me to try. For one, who wants to grow that mess out when I am done? Not me! Been there done that back in the early 90’s when everybody was rocking the Halle Berry cut. When I finally decided to grow that out I was in horror because I was relaxed at the time and what was growing back was not relaxed hair. Needless to say, it was a hot mess and looking oh so raggedy. It might be cute while you are rocking it but the growing out process is a pain and a no-go trend for Sabrina.
Roller Sets
No ma’am. I am not a master of roller sets and I know I will be removing them before my hair is fully dry. The style takes too long to do and half my hair is bone dry before I get only 25% done. I will not be sleeping in them because I am so used to not sleeping in rollers anymore that the last time I tired, I about died! Very uncomfortable! I most certainly will not get under a hooded dryer because that sounds like sheer torture to me so these styles that would allow me a few days of curls and coils are not worth the trouble in my book.
Long Wash Days
What is the deal with long wash days? I do not have the time to be spending hours upon hours working on my hair detangling, washing, conditioning, and prepping. This makes sense since I am a wash and go queen and a lazy natural (although I do not feel the latter is necessarily a bad thing). To me, long wash days are reminiscent of my relaxer days when I would spend half the day in the salon dreading the wait and the dryer. It was never relaxing to me because a relaxing day at the salon is getting a massage and/or pedicure. Anything outside of that is sheer torture.

I love the wash and go for several reasons. I allow the water to aid in my detangling and whenever I have put off my wash day too long, I simply pre-poo to make the detangling part shorter. I also do not enjoy all the twisting and prepping that some naturals do so I deep condition overnight and rinse in the morning. Simple, quick, and easy.
I detest the days of relaxed hairstyles where I had to sit under the hooded dryer. I hate the dryer. I mean I really hate the dryer. It is hot, long, and I am always counting down the minutes to when it shuts off. I have been known to turn the dial down a tad to get it over with. Yea, that’s how much I cannot stand sitting under one of those things. I would get so overheated and be drenched in sweat that I could only think about getting in the shower. Any hairstyle that cannot be air-dried is not for me.

Waiting for hair to dry
To me it is pretty much like waiting and watching paint dry. I just can’t do it! So what does that mean? I am heading out the door with a wet head and fearing no colds! Ok, I have already mentioned I hate dryers so it should come as no surprise I cannot just sit around waiting for my hair to dry either, especially considering the concept that going out with a wet head will make you sick is a big fat myth! Dr. Charles Smith, of the Family and Preventative Medicine Department at University Of Arkansas For Medical Sciences says there is no medical evidence that going out with a wet head will make you sick. According to Dr. Smith (and science!), wet hair does not cause colds since colds are infections of the upper respiratory tract that are caused by viruses. Thank goodness because if my only options were to get under a dryer or wait for my hair to dry I would lose my mind!  

What are some of the styles or techniques you just do not have the time or the patience for?

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