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Curly Nikki

Dear Natural Hair Care Brands…

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Dear Natural Hair Care Brands...

If this world were mine…yeah right, but it is not so I begrudgingly share it with the billions of others on the planet. I am not a control freak (I promise) but I would like a few things to be catered to only me. Who wouldn’t? For instance, how amazing it would be if I could have natural hair brands that were only interested in marketing to me! I am used to searching high and low for products, that the thought of someone wanting to cater to me is flattering. Here are my six ways brands could make products more appealing.

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 Top 5 ingredients on the front label
How I tire of seeing oils, butters, and plants extracts all over the front of the packaging only to find it is barely within the top half of the ingredients list. I’m a label reader so I do not like being duped. I understand that the highlighting certain ingredients is a marketing ploy and it probably fools a good 60%-75% of consumers but the rest of us are neither amused nor eager to turn the packaging around and squint at the ingredients. I might be rocking (stylish) glasses but having to read the fine print kills me! Help a sista out and don’t use ingredients as buzzwords if they are not within the first five ingredients.

Visible shelf life label
I would love to have a more visible shelf life on my products, as I am simply guessing most of the time or the ink rubs off. There is no need to print it on conditioners for obvious reasons, but labeling highly visible stamp reads, “keep until date” or “discard this many days after opening” on oils and butters would be helpful.
Clear instructions

Yes, I know I am not the only who wants this. Many products do not have instructions. I know there is limited space on your packaging but please assume I have no clue and tell me how to use it or at the very least have a QR code that I can scan with my phone to get additional information on how to use it. Oh, while I got the wheels turning why not also have the shelf life and the top five ingredients in big print on the site as well? Just another suggestion.

No artificial fragrances
I cannot stand artificial fragrances now that I have gone natural and steer clear of products that do not contain all natural ingredients. I can smell them a mile away and just do not appreciate the lack of creativity in making scents that smell natural, tropical, or earthy. I would much rather smell like coconut over some cheap scent that smells like fabric softener. The bottom line is I like natural ingredients.

Add pumps
I am heavy-handed and if you give me a jar I have to intentionally make myself use as little as possible. It is a challenge and a nuisance. All shampoos and conditioners need to be in bottles with a pump so I can measure how much I am using and each hair section can get the same amount of conditioned love. They are easier to use in the shower and the only issue I have with them is that when they get low I have to open them up and bang them into my hand to get the product at the bottom. Maybe you can fix that too? A jar with a pump possibly? Come on now.   

Larger sizes
One of the reasons I loved the Aveda Be Curly line a few years ago was the size in addition to a pump. I could get the conditioner in a liter and I was ecstatic. I use a ton of conditioner. A bottle bigger over 16 oz. is not just convenient, it is equally a preference and a necessity! You do not have to offer it in the store as I am more than willing to either order it from your website,, or CurlMart. I promise if you offer family size the curlies will come with debit cards in hand! 

So, don’t be shy curlies…what are your wishes?

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