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Transitioning Hair: Knowing When and How Much to Cut!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Transitioning Hair: Knowing When and How Much to Cut!
by Kanisha Parks of

Trimming looks different for every transitioner. When and how much you should trim will depend on how long you plan to be on your transition. Most transitions last somewhere from six months to two years, or sometimes even longer. Here are a few steps to help you decide how often and how much you should trim:

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First, decide how long you want to transition. This will be a determining factor because it will help you plan out your trims by the month. Plus, having a goal big chop date will help you stick to your transition instead of becoming curious and/or frustrated and trimming all of your hair off on a limb. The average amount of hair growth is six inches a year. You can transition according to how long you want your hair to be once your transition is over or simply choose a date that is plausible for you and your hair.

Next, ask yourself: how much am I comfortable with trimming? It is recommended to trim anywhere from a 1/2 inch to an inch at a time. This can be once a month or every 2-3 months. Trimming gets you closer to your goal of fully natural hair. If you plan on transitioning for a year and trimming half an inch a month, you will end up trimming six inches of hair. For some, the big chop can seem daunting. Trimming a little hair at a time can make it seem like you haven’t lost any hair at all. Of course, the more hair or the more often you trim, the sooner you will be fully natural.

Lastly, create a schedule. And stick to it! You’ll probably still end up doing unexpected cuts, which is perfectly fine. If you decide to trim an inch every three months, choose a date (like the 10th) and abide by it. Keeping your schedule in mind will help you remain on your transitioning journey.

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