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Rebecca- “I didn’t like it at first!’

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Rebecca- "I didn't like it at first!'

Tell me about yourself
My name is Rebecca. I am 22 years old and currently live in New York. I got my last relaxer in August of 2012.  I transitioned for about 16 months and big chopped on December 16, 2013.

What motivated you to transition?
After watching the movie Good Hair, it fueled my interest with natural hair. It really intrigued me that, as African American women, we are content going to the extreme of putting unknown chemicals on our hair to alter the texture. While becoming uncomfortable with relaxing my hair, I also realized how damaged my hair became. My hair was not growing past shoulder length and I needed a change.

Rebecca- "I didn't like it at first!'


Rebecca- "I didn't like it at first!'

What was your initial reaction to your natural hair?
To be honest, I did not like it at first! Transitioning was a tough process for me. I tried numerous hairstyles; however, they never came out the way that I wanted them to. I loved my curl pattern, but I was not comfortable with the length of my hair after the big chop. While adjusting to that, I tried braids and Havana twists to retain length.

How did family and friends react to the new you? What was your response to them?
My friends loved my hair, but some of my family members had mixed emotions. My parents did not like the way that I styled my hair and were very vocal of that. I honestly did not care about their opinion of my hair. My family realized how comfortable I became wearing my natural hair and later accepted it. My mother is even thinking of going natural now also!

What were your staple hair styles during transitioning?
I rarely wore my hair out, so I did a lot of high buns, twists, and puffs.

Rebecca- "I didn't like it at first!'

What has been the most memorable moment in your natural hair journey?
It may sound cliché, but big chopping my hair was the most memorable moment for me. During transitioning, I was contemplating relaxing my hair again because I had mixed emotions about cutting off inches of my hair. I used to believe that a woman was beautiful only with straight, long hair. When I finally decided to big chop, I rid myself completely of that mindset. It slowly changed my perception of beauty and helped me to embrace our beautiful natural hair.

What is your hair regimen?
My hair has a tendency to get extremely dry, so water is bae! I co-wash once a week with a cheap conditioner (Suave or Tresemme) and spritz my hair with castor oil and water at night. My staples on wash day include the As I am Coconut Co-Wash, SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and Castor Oil.

Anything you want the readers to know? Inspirational Words?
One thing I regret about my natural hair journey is not embracing my hair at every stage. Our hair is so versatile and unique. So embrace your beautiful curls despite what stage you are in!

Where can people find you for more information?
Instagram: Rebecca_whitney
Snapchat: rebeccawhitney

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