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6 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Not Longer

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
6 Reasons Your Natural Hair is Not Longer

Diving into the natural hair world can be overwhelming at first. There are various products and tips that everyone claims can grow your hair or defy shrinkage. With all the products and acronyms in the natural hair community, it is easy to become overwhelmed if you are not acclimated to it. People tend to get so caught up in the hype of products or methods to grow their hair that they forget about the small changes that can make a big difference. Do not fret! Below are some small changes that could drastically affect your hair.

You’re impatient
In today’s society people are constantly focused on getting results fast, whether it is exercising or achieving some goal. Natural hair is no different. People want their hair to grow to their desired length and they want it immediately. People will quickly purchase a product that claims to grow their hair fast and reduce shrinkage. Growing out your hair is a process that takes patience, learning the needs of your hair, and much trial and error. There will be frustrating days and rewarding days. Finding a regimen that work for you will improve the process of retaining length. It takes time and patience.

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You’re not massaging your scalp
Naturalistas often pay close attention to the ends of their precious tendrils while also neglecting where the hair comes from! A regular scalp massage will stimulate the hair follicles on your head and promote hair growth. The method can be done with just your fingers or by incorporating an essential oil and carrier oil blend to aid in the process. Be careful not to massage too hard or use your nails.

You’re not trimming your ends
Naturals can be scared to cut their hair in fear of losing the length they worked hard to achieve. Trimming your ends can rid the damage that could cause breakage or split ends. Compromising your hair’s health for lengthy split ends can be counterproductive. If your ends have numerous knots and tapering, it is time to let them go. Neglecting to trim off the excessive single strands knots and split ends could cause more damage, leaving you to cut off a lot more hair than intended.

You’re not doing protein treatments
Because our natural hair can be dry and frizzy, we often feel like the solution to that problem is more moisture. Just like our bodies need a balanced diet so does our hair. Protein is for the hair’s strength in order to withstand tension placed on it. Royal Academy of Chemistry states that the hair is comprised of protein and relies on it for structure and strength. Your hair could use a protein treatment if you are finding small pieces of hair while styling or detangling. These small pieces are different than shed hair because they are much shorter than the length of your hair and do not contain the hair bulb on the end. A protein treatment will restore the lost protein in your hair caused by styling and regular washes.

You don’t sleep with a satin bonnet or pillowcase
This may be the most unappealing thing that men and women with natural hair can do to retain moisture. Satin is gentle on the hair and will not withdraw the moisture in your hair. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase or with a cotton bandana will have the reverse effect. Cotton material will leave your hair dry, soaking up all the moisture in your hair. Sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillowcase is also good for preserving your edges.

You keep touching your hair!
We all know our hair is fabulous and can be incredibly soft, but touching your hair all the time is not good. Some people call it hand in the hair syndrome. This can lead to excessive breakage and can ruin the curl pattern of a style you achieved.

Don’t let all the products and methods consume you. Paying attention to the little things is just as important for successful healthy hair growth.

Have you tried any of these small changes yet?

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