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Is it a Protective Style or a Crutch?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Is it a Protective Style or a Crutch?
by Chelsea Satine of

Protective styling is probably one of the best things invented, not only does it get us through the harsh summer and winter months, it also gives us a new look when we run out of options and styles to do with our natural hair. However, although protective styling is great, do you think we use it as a crutch sometimes? I know I do! I can remember tons of times when I installed some braids or twists, because I simply didn’t have time or didn’t want to deal with my hair. Of course this does not seem like a problem to some, but in my opinion, it is. Here’s the problem, with using protective styling as an escape:

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  • When your hair is not as manageable as it usually is-and it sometimes isn’t- if you choose to resort to protective styling before taking care of your natural hair, this may lead to more breakage. Instead of protective styling, try deep conditioning!
  • You’ll probably start investing more in protective styling than your natural hair. Braids, weaves, or twists range anywhere from $80-$200 or more. Imagine if you invested that much in hair products or if you went to a hair salon to treat your natural hair. 
  • People tend to neglect their natural hair when they use protective styles (out of sight, out of mind), causing more damage. If you must use a protective style, make sure to maintain the moisture.

Of course I am not suggesting that protective styling in any way is a negative thing, however using it as an escape when your natural hair isn’t in the best state, is.

Before protective styling this summer ladies, make sure to check what state your hair is in and then determine is it absolutely necessary?  Perhaps all you need is a deep conditioning treatment!

Before you think about investing in weave, invest in your own hair!

Feel free to comment your opinions ladies.

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