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Nafisat is Naturally Glam!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Nafisat is Naturally Glam!

Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey.
My name is Nafisat. I’m a Nigerian Architecture student schooling in Lagos. I love blogging, having fun with friends and meeting new people.

How long have you been natural? Have you always embraced your curls?
I have been natural for two years now.

What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper& why?
I initially wanted healthy, long, relaxed hair, but after doing the chop and 4 months of transitioning I fell in love with my curls. I have not looked back since. I wanted to transition for 8 months then chop it, but I was too anxious to see what my texture looked like.

Nafisat is Naturally Glam!

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How would you describe your hair?
have a kinky- coily head of hair, densely populated with fine and
fragile strands. My hair is dark brown in colour and loves organic
products like Shea butter and thick oils like castor oil.

Nafisat is Naturally Glam!

What do you love most about your hair?
I love the fact that is so springy and dense, and that it is able turns eyes. Some people have even asked me if it is a wig.

What has been the most memorable part of your journey? Has it been easy or difficult or both?!
The day I big chopped has been one of the most memorable days in my hair journey. And my blow out days when I conduct length checks. It simply blows my mind and makes me so emotional, reminding of how far I have come. It’s really something.

What are (or were) some of your favorite transitioning hairstyles or current dos’?
I didn’t really do much transitioning styles. But I currently love trying medium and chunky twist outs with a bang, I have different variations of bangs I do, I also love doing puffs with pompadour or a simple bun. Sometimes, I like to have this crazy huge bang with the rest of my hair tucked in, I get loads of compliments form these styles.

Nafisat is Naturally Glam!

What have your experiences been as a ‘natural’? Any memorable reactions from family or others?
At first, my mum thought I was going nuts, but now she has come to love my hair. Two of my sisters are a currently natural; one of them is loc’d all thanks to me. I have inspired and encourage quite a number of people. About 6 of my female mates from high school are currently transitioning. Generally, everyone in my family and my close friends are comfortable with my hair.

What is your hair regimen?
My regimen is very simple! I shampoo and deep condition twice a month. I moisturize, seal and twist after washing it. My hair is always in chunky twists on wash days. I wear some form of low manipulation styles throughout the span of two weeks. I also do a water only washing and light detangling between wash days when I have time. I currently use Dudu Osun black soap, Cantu shea butter, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing moothie, KBB Sweet Ambrosia, Vitale Hair Mayonnaise and Clear Ice styling gel. I also make use of oils and butters like Shea butter, Castor oil, Olive oil and Coconut oil.

What are some of your favorite natural hair websites,YouTuber’s, or blogs?
I love;;; Naturally and

Anything you want the readers to know? Inspirational words?
Natural hair is really fun. If you are still in the TWA stage, enjoy it to the fullest because when your hair gets longer you are going to miss those days when you can just wake up and go. Yes. Detangling can be a pain in the neck.

Where can people find you for more information?
I have a blog about being a young student living in Lagos with natural hair.
Instgram Account:@ __nafisah
Twitter: @__nafisah
Facebook: Nafisat Olayemi

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