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OWN Your TWA This Summer- Short Natural Hair Styles

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

OWN Your TWA This Summer- Short Natural Hair Styles

When I first went natural, I thought my TWA was the worst thing in the world. I only rocked protective hairstyles in hopes of growing out my hair. Instead, using protective hair styles turned out to be the easiest way to neglect my hair. After realizing the damage, I finally gained some courage to rock my TWA.

Own your teenie weenie afro (TWA) this summer. The summer is the perfect time to stray away from the protective hairstyles and give your hair a break. If some of you are still afraid of flaunting your TWA and continue using protective hairstyles to hide it, I urge you to be brave this summer! After all, your TWA is beautiful no matter how short it is. In time, the length will come. I also urge you to strive for healthy hair more than you do for lengthy hair. Instead of finding styles that will stretch your hair, focus more on length retention by deep conditioning and moisturizing.
We can already tell this summer is going to be a hot one, so give your TWA some fresh air and sun this summer!

Check out some naturalistas rocking their fabulous TWA’s in a few YouTube tutorials below:

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Sport a wash and go too! Check out Paville Aldridge-

Check Out Mee Mahrii Finger Shingling routine-

Define your curls using Carmen, from My Natural Sista’s routine-

Quick Finger coils by Toliahli-

Remember ladies, you make your hair, your hair doesn’t make you! With that being said, your TWA will look as good as you let it. Throw on some earring and arch those brows!

How do you rock your TWA?!

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