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Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

Tell me about yourself!
Hi, My name is Tiffany Scott. I’m a single 33 year old fraud specialist originally from Mississippi and currently living in Houston, Texas.  I’ve been natural for 8 years and counting.

Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper? What was your journey like?
 Actually, my transition was a mixture of both. I stopped relaxing my hair and just wore my natural curls, but one day I decided I wanted a fade and shaved it all off.

Had you always embraced your texture?
 Yes, embracing my hair texture was the main reason why I became natural. I hated the smell of the relaxer and everything that was involved with getting a perm.


Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural? What was your response to them? 
 My family and friends didn’t have a reaction to me going natural because they love my curly hair. I didn’t understand what the big deal was until they went natural and had to do a lot of things to achieve my curls.

Describe your hair (fine or coarse, thin or thick, highly porous, low, etc.)
 My hair is very fine, thin and curly. My hair wish is to have very thick hair.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to your hair?
 The craziest thing I ever did to my hair was getting my hair dyed blonde.

Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

What’s your biggest hair related regret?
 I had this great idea 2 years ago to dye my hair blonde. I went to a popular hair salon and they didn’t know what to do with my hair. It took two women to figure out how to dye my hair and they proceeded to straighten, bleach, dye and then put a rinse in my hair. After, all of that my hair still wasn’t blonde; it was a mixture of orange,red, and brown and in the words of my friend it felt and looked like clown hair.

What’s your current hair routine? How often do you wash, condition, and style? Favorite products! Deets!
 I wash my hair with Organix shampoo every 2 weeks and co-wash my hair with Organix conditioner every 3 days. After co-washing my hair I use Garnier Fructis moroccan oil and let my hair air dry. While wearing my curly fro, I spray it once a day with organix coconut oil mist and pull out my curls for a bigger fro. When wearing a protective style, I mix conditioner and water in a spray bottle and wash between the braids, edges, and nape.

Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

What’s your favorite hairstyle? Where do you get hairstyle inspiration?
 My favorite hairstyles are protective styles. I’ve crochet braided every style from Havana twist to faux locs. My hairstyle inspirations come from YouTube; there are so many beautiful and creative women with natural hair.

Who is your curl crush?
 Tracee Ellis Ross and Solange Knowles! They both give my curl and fashion life.

How do you maintain your hair at night?
 I maintain my hair at night by moisturizing my curls with coconut oil and wearing a bonnet to bed every night.

Tiffany Is Naturally Glam!

How do you maintain healthy length?
 I maintain a healthy length by wearing protective styles, oiling my scalp, and getting my ends trimmed every 90 days.

What’s the best thing about being natural?
 The best thing about being natural is the freedom to be carefree. I don’t think about what I can’t do because I might mess up my hair. I remember running like I was on fire, if I was caught out in the rain with relaxed hair.

Where can folks find you on the web?
 You can find me On Facebook under TJ Scott, Instagram and Twitter @jaileta19

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