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The Best Faux Locs Tutorial for Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
The Best Faux Locs Tutorial for Natural Hair
 By Yolanda Renee of ETCBlogMag

Faux Locs have been trending for awhile now. I think it’s safe to say it’s no longer a “trend”…it has become a protective style that a lot of naturalistas want and install often. For those that don’t know what faux locs are, they are just that…fake locs. If you have the faux locs itch, you are probably stalking YouTube trying to find the best tutorial. Well look no further curlfriend…you found it. I finally did this style on my natural hair and of course I recorded the entire process. I have you covered on how to prep your hair, the best technique to have a lasting style, how to maintain your real hair & more.

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It is very important that you have a very strict wash day before your install. Protective styling will halt your ability to properly hydrate your strands so it’s better to start on hydrated hair. The day before I washed my hair, I did a protein treatment, and sealed in the moisture using the L.O.C. Method (leave in, oil, cream). The brand of choice to keep my hair healthy underneath is Crème of Nature. I used their Argan Oil from Morocco collection. Prior to moisturizing my hair I used the Aphogee trio to strengthen my strands. To prep my hair for the faux locs install I did two strand twists on freshly washed & moisturized hair. Of course it dried over night. And don’t forget to oil your scalp. I used Crème of Nature’s 100% Pure Argan Oil. 

The next day was “go time”. The installation process is confusing to write out so I rather you watch the actual tutorial, below. However, I do want to touch on a few things. First, I chose to do two strand twists on my natural hair, install sloppy box braids, and then wrap them with kinky hair. In my opinion this is the best practice to:

1 Protect your hair from damage. The two strand twists makes your strands stronger to handle the braiding hair.

2 Installing the box braids first assists with longevity of the style. I did trial & error before finding the right technique for me. Trying it on loose hair made the locs very flimsy and they were not secure. I tried twists too and wrapped them with the kinky hair and again, they were unraveling before my eyes. They would last a week tops. So finally I did the box braids which was a hit. My locs are slightly stiff and heavy but I have piece of mind that they will not unravel and my hair is protected to the fullest. Yes it took time, but I rather take my time to keep my natural hair! Lol!

This heading covers it all. I don’t need to emphasize much. For bedtime I use my FLORBELLA BOUTIQUE SATIN BONNET to protect my hair. This is a trusted brand and she’s a black woman that hand makes her products. I’ve showcased my bonnet in tons of tutorials and I always brag about how it fits my big fro perfectly. I’ve stressed so much that it will grow with your hair no matter how thick and long it gets. Well this is the perfect time to stress that again. All of my locs fit perfectly in this bonnet. I was actually blown away. A real satin bonnet is so beneficial in preserving this style. It will also keep your hair moisturized.

A lot of people tend to think a protective style means you get a vacation from caring for your hair. NOPE. Adding moisture and sealing it is still important. Of course you are limited but you have to do what you can. I like to focus more on my scalp, roots and new growth. Spray water, rose water, a cocktail, etc on your scalp every few days (as needed) to freshen it up and add moisture. Add your favorite oil and do a quick scalp massage. The rose water will help keep it clean as well. It has a pleasant fragrance too! Mmmmm! You can even use a hand held steamer, That’s all the maintenance you need; so you do get a mini vacay. Lol!

I think I’ve covered the basics. I hope you found this post helpful. Keep scrolling to see the actual tutorial. There are TONS OF TIPS inside too! Feel free to share this with your curlfriends. Remember, support black businesses that can style your hair in faux locs but I want you to save money too. Get creative and try these yourself! XO

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