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Type 4 Hair- The Lies They Tell.

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Type 4 Hair- The Lies They Tell.
Photo Courtesy of Natalie Live

When you dip your toe into the natural hair world you will quickly find that there are many “rules” and “commandments” – and we know we have published a lot of them! – but there are a few common beliefs being repeated in the community that, simply put, are false. Here are 4 of the most common lies about coily, Type 4 hair.

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 Type 4 hair cannot have curl definition 

Every curl pattern can have curl definition and every curl pattern can be naturally frizzy. I have seen extremely defined 4a, 4b, and 4c hair without a strand out of place and I have seen loose waves that never clump. Although Type 4 hair is naturally prone to frizz, if your texture starts to lose its natural definition, then that could be an indication of damage (e.g. chemical or heat damage). But frizz is not always an indication of damage or dry hair. If your hair naturally does not have curl definition, which can be observed while the hair is wet, then that is the natural, healthy, beautiful aesthetic of your strands. Remember, curl definers can only enhance the definition that you already have, not create it.

Here are Type 4 vloggers with curl definition:

Type 4 hair cannot wash and go

There has been conjecture about what defines a wash and go and I think it is pretty clear that a wash and go is allowing your curls to retract after washing. How you achieve that does not make the style more or less of a wash and go style. No one runs straight from the shower and gets in the car, so whether your apply a leave-in conditioner or gel in four or 30 sections is irrelevant, because the end result is always hair that has not been stretched. And that’s another notion that needs to be addressed: Every person with Type 4 hair does not spend 45 min. slopping gel throughout ½ in. sections to style their hair. I only apply product in 4-5 sections and then go about my day. Please remember to do what works for you.

Another reason people assume that you cannot wash and go with Type 4 hair is because of maintenance. A lot of women experience matting and extreme tangles but maybe it is time to try something different. Length is another variable that needs to be taken into account. The shorter the length, the more challenging it is to maintain style longevity. A traditional pineapple leaves my hair frizzy, so I do a modified version for my curl pattern and length. Check out the video below.

You have to moisturize daily

This is unnecessary. If you find that you have to moisturize your hair daily, then I strongly suggest these tips:

  • Replace your deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or moisturizer
  • Monitor your silicone usage
  • Consider sealing your hair with an oil 
  • Try the LOC method
  • Get a trim

You need a comb

Although I am a strong advocate of a wide tooth comb, I know it is not necessary for achieving detangled hair. At some point it has been engrained in people that a comb and daily detangling are essential. There are plenty of women with Type 4 hair who detangle with their fingers and retain length doing so. Consider detangling weekly and forgo the comb.

What other Type 4 hair myths would you like to dispel?

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