Andrea writes:

Dear CurlyNikki fam– I’m sharing a video tutorial demonstrating seven quick and easy style options for your
natural hair. I love showing others how they can quickly and easily style their hair to
showcase the versatility of curly hair!  Enjoy!

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Rolled Low Side Bun

  • Create a deep side part and separate your hair into two pieces 
  • Roll each side of your hair, rolling back toward your scalp 
  • Pin it down with a bobby pin 
  • Take the rest of your hair to one side and create a low side bun 
  • Secure with hair tie. You’re done! 

Twisted Pomp with Mid Pony 

  • Section off the front part of your hair, creating a long bang 
  • Split that front section into two, top and bottom 
  • Twist the front section all the way to the ends
  • Gently pull apart the twists to give it more volume 
  • Pin this up to hide your part 
  • Divide the back section into two twists
  • Pin up around your bang to create a pomp
  • Gather the rest of your hair into a loose ponytail 

Twisted Pomp with Princess Bun 

  • Repeat steps above to create a twisted pomp
  • Take remaining hair and create a high puff 
  • Fold it back to create an elegant princess bun 
Twisted Pomp – Faux Bandeau 
  • Use the same pompadour from the previous styles 
  • Gather section of hair from either side of your head 
  • Twist and pin these on the back of your head to make a full bandeau with loose hair 
Half Top Knot 
  • Separate the front half of your hair from the back 
  • Take the front part and create a high bun 
  • Leave the other half loose 
Twisted Maze Chignon 
  • Create four twists on each side of your head 
  • Gather the rest of your hair in a low bun, and secure it with a tie 
  • Cross each twist over the opposite side and secure it with a pin 
  • Release the low bun from the hair tie 
  • Fluff and fold the rest of your hair under, securing it with pins to create a low bun 
Twisted Double Faux Bun 
  • Divide your hair into two ponytails, top and bottom
  • Create 6 twists total 
  • Fluff the twists for more volume and then cross each twist to the opposite side to make a bun shape 
  • Secure with bobby pins and you’re done! 

Watch the Video: