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Curly Nikki

Use Your Imagination to Create the Life You Want

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Use Your Imagination to Create the Life You Want

When you are afraid of something and you think about this fear a lot, you based your actions around it and you give it energy.

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You actually have a subconscious desire or expectation for it to happen.

What if you used the energy of your thoughts and intentions to create brave feelings and authentic actions, untempered by fear?

There are so many possibilities. Too many to not explore.

Don’t feed the fears. Use your imagination to create the life you do want.


  CN Says:
I love this!  Every single day when fear or worry thoughts pop up, I immediately take notice and ask myself, ‘what would I like to come from this situation? What would I like to happen?’  We are often AUTOMATICALLY imagining/visualizing or expecting the terrible-awful, so like GG said, why not use that energy to visualize or expect something awesome instead?  
The day before we admitted Gma to the nursing home, I was sad and worried that she would hate it there, hate me for sending her there and not get the proper care and attention she required.  I then remembered to remember and asked myself, ‘what DO I want to come from this situation?’ My response– ‘a fast and successful adjustment period for her, new friends, fun activities, excellent quality or care and an excellent quality of life.’  Just that quick turn around in thinking/imagining provided much needed relief and an ability to focus on creating positively.  Your imagination should empower, not terrorize you.  

hth! xoxo

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