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5 Easy Hairstyles for the College Curly Girl!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Easy Hairstyles for the College Curly Girl!
by Kanisha of

Campus life has been back in full swing for a minute so right now, it’s all about the grades. Some days you won’t have extra time to spend on your hair so it’s nice to have a few go-to styles in your repertoire just in case.  To help you sail through this semester with perfect grades and fly hair to match, we’ve got some tips to help you maintain your natural hair without having to manipulate it too much. So no excuses!

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1. Always have a gameplan.

How and when you style your hair will depend on your school schedule and your workload for the week. (You definitely don’t want to try a brand new style the night before a big test!) Styling your hair can be fun- therapeutic, even, but also time-consuming, so be wise about when you do it.

Choose a day that doesn’t compromise your study time and get all of the products you’ll need ready before you start. Set a timer to help yourself move quicker. For instance, if it usually takes you 45 minutes to detangle, aim to do it in 30. It’s important to still be careful but you’ll find that setting a timer will keep you from getting lax or becoming distracted and will ultimately save you time.

2. When all else fails, protective style.

I lived in box braids and twists throughout my time as an undergrad because they were easy and nearly effortless. All I had to do was keep them moisturized. Plus, I learned how to install them myself which kept my budget happy, too.

Find a low-maintenance style that works for you. It could be box braids, twists, or even bunning. You won’t always have time for full blown wash days, especially around exam time, so protective styling is great for times like these. Also, you can rely on protective styling around holidays like Thanksgiving so you can focus on prepping for finals when you return, or around Christmas, when all you really want to do is relax and spend much needed time with family and friends.

3. Have some backup hairstyles prepared.

Get yourself a few backup hairstyles that are quick and easy to do for those days when you’re running late or your hair doesn’t turn out how you want. Your hair is not an excuse to skip or be late for class!

In this video, NaturalNeiicey shares 5 quick and easy styles that you can wear on your natural hair.

How have you been rocking your natural hair this school year?

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