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By January 27th, 2021No Comments
by Yvette Mumanyi of


DISCLAIMER: This is going to be a long one, so get comfortable. Consume a light snack if possible (Kidding! I’m just being dramatic!)

I preach about my no heat routine, why on earth would I blow dry my hair? Did hell freeze over? Was I kidnapped and held against my will, and my kidnappers torture techniques involved blasting my hair with various heat styling tools? (My mind is a strange place…I know…I know!) But just in case you were about to call the police, no.

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I have not blow-dried my hair in the past four years *gasps* and I honestly do practice, and advocate for a no heat hair regimen. Cutting out heat from my hair routine has completely helped me not only retain length, but minimize breakage and damage associated with heat styling techniques. Of course, everyone has their own personal preferences and some prefer to blow out and/or flat iron their natural hair, no judgment here girl. To each his own.

My hair is currently heat stretched, and has been so for about a week now. Again, you’re probably wondering why on earth would she break her no-heat rule? I washed and blew out my hair because I was due for a much-needed trim, and so in order to accurately trim it, I decided to straighten it. In fact, I did more than trim, I cut about three or so inches off. *Gasp some more*

You see, long hair does not always equal healthy hair. My personal hair journey is focused on HEALTH and RETAINING the hair that joyfully sprouts from my scalp, rather than chasing length. Why you ask? Because healthy hair practices will ALWAYS result in healthier hair, and promote hair growth. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Chase HEALTH and LENGTH will follow, it really is that simple.

I cut my hair because my ends needed a new lease of life! And I am not opposed to cutting off a couple of inches to give my hair what it needs. Now, I’m not saying go crazy and cut three inches off your hair, but pay close attention to your ends, are they splitting, are they frayed? If so, you may be due for a trim!

This experience was completely nerve-wracking for me, I haven’t let another individual do my hair in over four years, and so it was difficult and terrifying to give that control to someone else. Needless to say, I was very vocal and communicated exactly how I wanted to have my hair done-which is SO important. If you are going to visit a salon, make sure the stylist is open to doing your hair the way YOU want it done. Especially when it comes to the temperature of the tools involved, and the amount of hair you’re comfortable with trimming.

Remember to wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo to ensure you don’t overly strip your hair. Follow that up with your conditioner of choice, and make sure to give it about 10 minutes to soak in before rinsing.

Carry your leave-n conditioner with you, as well as your preferred oil(s) and a heat protectant! Blow dry on low heat, even if it frustrates your stylist it’s what is best for your hair.

Snip snip snip and you’re done! Until next time beloved ones.

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