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Spend Less Time On Your Hair- Easy Natural Hair Regimens!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments

Spend Less Time On Your Hair- Easy Natural Hair Regimens!
by Emilia Obiekea of
Hair Care Simplified

As naturals we tend to inadvertently
over complicate our hair care in an effort to be as natural as possible.
It is always a good idea to reevaluate how we care for our hair.

Stimulate your scalp
    • Do scalp massages with penetrating and stimulating oils. This can be
      done nightly. Apply oil as needed. Massages are great for encouraging
      hair growth.
    • Oils and butters
      are very good for moisture retention…especially during the cold
      months. They smooth rough hair and provide a healthy sheen. 
Moisturize you hair
    • Moisture, Moisture and more Moisture is key to avoiding breakage and
      keeping hair as healthy as possible. Many methods can be used LCO, LOC,
      LOCO, LC, LO, etc…
    • Moisturizing your hair, as often as needed, is very important. Some
      only need to moisturize twice a week while others need it nightly. If
      your hair is highly porous or harsh weather is zapping all the moisture
      from your strands, doing any of the following is very beneficial:

      • Fine/ Normal/ Mixture of Fine & Normal strand density: After completing the cleansing process for your hair it is good to use a moisturizing liquid leave in spray. The leave in should be light and aid in detangling.
      • Course, Normal and Dry Hair Types: After completing the cleansing process use a creamy leave in or styler. My fav is Florets & Crème. Use a product that is very emollient. The emollience cuts down greatly on friction between the strands and significantly reduces chances for breakage. 
Healthy Diet
    • Consuming the proper amount of water is very important for overall
      health, scalp wellness and hair growth. Water is necessary internally
      and externally for hair to maintain hydration. This aids in cell health
      preservation and reproduction. Water increases hair elasticity and
    • Hair loss can be a result of nutritional imbalance. These usually
      are traced to deficiency of copper, zinc, iron, vitamins B, C or E. If
      any of these items are missing it is good to change your diet or
      take supplements according to your physician’s instructions.
    • Eat foods such as Amla and citrus fruits– great sources for vitamin C.
    • Eat balanced meals and healthy snacks through out the day. 
Reevaluate & Simplify Your Hair Regimen
    • Do not over manipulate wet hair. It is very vulnerable to breakage in that state.
    • Don’t be rough when combing the hair. Start from the ends and work
      your way up to the roots with a wide toothed (seamless) comb. Hair
      doesn’t get snagged during combing when using a seamless comb.
    • Do not use direct heat, such as flat irons, frequently. Indirect heat, such as an over head dryer, is a much better option.
    • Nightly scalp massages with an enriched oil blend are wonderful to increase blood circulation for optimal hair growth.
    • Deep conditioning weekly or biweekly with conditioners + infused oils has always been highly beneficial for me.
    • Be sure to have a proper balance of strengthening and softening
      products in your regimen. An imbalance in either direction can cause
      hair to become too elastic so it’ll break when stretched or extremely
      brittle causing strands to snap with tension.
    • Be sure to trim your ends as needed. Split ends traveling up the length of the hair is a no-no.
Give these things a try and see how your hair will flourish.  If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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