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Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

Tell me about yourself!
Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie and I currently live in Chicago, lL. I am a recent college graduate from Eastern Illinois University, and I would call myself a true naturalista at heart! Ever since I was younger, my hair has always been faithfully relaxed. However, I have always been amazed by the versatility of natural hair. My natural hair journey began in 2013 while I was away at college. Due to the long distance from home, I wasn’t able to get my hair relaxed, or even get
it done as frequently as I would have preferred. With the combination of my love for natural hairstyles  and the fact I was away from home, I decided to transition back to my natural roots.


Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

Were you a tranisitioner or a big chopper? What was your journey like?
After transitioning for a year, on May 12, 2014 I decided to finally cut off the remaining straight ends. Ever since that day, I have been dedicated to learning what my hair likes, experimenting with various
hairstyles, and most importantly loving my hair for what it is! It is currently a year and 2 months since I have been completely natural. Throughout my entire natural hair journey, I have gotten several questions about “how I style my hair, what is my natural hair regimen, what products I use, and how I get my hair to grow”. These questions prompted me to start my own YouTube channel. Now my focus is not only to continue having a successful natural hair journey, but simultaneously informing and inspiring others (whether natural, transitioning, or thinking about returning to natural) to do the same. Don’t get me wrong the road has been rocky at times, but I would never regret my decision to fully embrace the hair God has given me; returning to natural was the best decision I ever made for myself!

Had you always embraced your texture?
Yes I have always embraced my textures! I have a variety of textures throughout my hair and I have learned how to provide the proper care that each different texture needs.

Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

How did family and friends react to your decision to go natural? What was your response to them?
It’s funny, my friends’ and familes’ reactions were all over the place. Some were excited for me, while others were asking me why on earth did I cut my hair! My mom for example was all for the new hair
cut, but since I decided to flat iron my hair as soon as I had cut my hair, she was under the impression that I would keep it short, and go back to getting it relaxed. Once I told her that I will be keeping it
natural, she was a bit hesitant and tried to convince me to take care of my hair and keep up with getting relaxers. Although I was receiving negative feedback about my decision to go natural, this was something I needed to do for myself and no one’s opinion was going to change my mind. Now that I have been on my natural hair journey for over a year now. Both my friends and family or completely supportive of my hair journey.

Describe your hair.
I have a variety of hair textures throughout my hair. I have mostly coarse to thick hair with a few fine textures as well. I am a mixture of 3c, 4a, and 4b hair types, and my hair is low porosity.

What’s the craziest thing you ever done to your hair?
I haven’t really done anything crazy with my hair. The craziest thing I’ve done I would say would have to be cutting the rest of my relaxed ends off. If I make any decisions regarding my hair, I make sure that it will be beneficial in the long run.

What’s your biggest hair related regret?
That’s a tough one, I would say I don’ t have any regrets regarding my hair, just because if there is something that I want to do with my hair, I immediately just go for it and just take a chance. So far
every decision I have made in regards to my hair journey, has been beneficial to me.

Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

What is your current hair routine?
I have a very detailed video below where I explain everything from how often I wash my hair, how often I use heat, how I do protein treatments, and more!

Here’s another video where I show all the products I currently use on my hair.

What’s your favorite hairstyle? Where do you get your hair inspiration from?
My all time favorite hairstyle that never fails me is the puff! I do all types of different puffs such as: the high puff, the bun puff, the wash n go puff, any type of puff I will do! I get my inspiration from YouTube channels, natural hair Instagram pages, Pinterest, and just being really creative with my own hair; I try to challenge myself continuously and do something fresh and new.

Who is your curl crush?
There are so many people to choose from especially because I love all textures of hair. If I had to choose one person, I would definitely choose one of my favorite YouTubers @thechicnatural. Even though she styles her hair only when her hair is stretched, every style that she does to her hair are so unique and I love it!

Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

How do you maintain your hair at night?
I always sleep with a satin bonnet, or satin pillow case. I choose the pillow case over the satin bonnet on days were I want to persevere my hairstyle as much as possible , and not squish the style, which
sometimes happens when I sleep with the bonnet.

How do you maintain healthy length?
The number one thing that I make sure to do on a consistent basis that I see has really helped the overall health of my hair, is to make sure to deep condition my hair for at least 30 minutes weekly. In addition, I try to only style my hair once a week which prevents over manipulation to my hair. This routine allows my hair to retain moisture and prevents unnecessary breakage.

Where can folks find me?
Instagram: Naturallii_Stephanii
Youtube: Naturallii Stephanie

Stephanie Is Naturally Glam

What’s the best thing about being natural?
There are so many benefits that comes with being natural. From having a strong community that supports and helps one another, to being able to experiment with my coils and kinks. However if I had to choose the best thing, I would have to say being able to wear my hair free however way I want it. Knowing that no ones else in the world has the same hair as me, or can rock a style the same exact way that I can is what makes me love being natural! It’s more than just a hair style to me its about embracing what God has given me effortlessly, confidently, and naturally.

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