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Best Braid-Out Tips for Type 4 Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Best Braid-Out Tips for Type 4 Natural Hair

So you tried to achieve the perfect braid-out and it just didn’t come out like you pictured it. I am sure every natural can relate to staying up all night washing, braiding, adding rollers and not to mention, you tossed and turned all night to get in that comfortable position while trying to sleep with rollers in your hair. I want to make sure your sleepless night is worth it. Here are some tips on achieving your best braid-out ever…

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Best Braid-Out Tips for Type 4 Natural Hair

1. Make sure your hair is clean and moisturized the last thing you want to do is braid on dirty greasy hair.

2. Section your hair into four sections, and detangle from ends to roots, this helps to prevent against breakage.

Best Braid-Out Tips for Type 4 Natural Hair

3. Before braiding, if you want a more controlled style look, take your two front sections of your hair and create your part, whether you want a middle part, or a side part. You will then section your hair back into four sections, making sure your part is where you would like it to be.

4. Grab your favorite product that will stretch, add shine, soften, and creates a nice hold to define those tresses. My personal favorite is Super Soft Butter Blend by Truly You. Now it is time to braid your hair and what a lot of women tend to do is braid loosely.

5. I make sure that I had a nice firm grip on my roots, and braided it somewhat tight from root to tip. Doing that you’re guaranteed a defined braid.

(For you ladies who are transitioning and may have straight ends, placing perm rods on the tips will give you a beautiful curl to your ends. If you choose not to add rollers at the bottom, I’m sure you know that will result in defined curls from the root and straight ends.)

Now that you have the tips…it’s time to create your best braid-out ever! What do you use to achieve your best braid-out?

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