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Blue Ivy’s Fro Steals the Show #Formation

By October 4th, 2021No Comments
Blue Ivy’s Fro Steals the Show #Formation
by Kanisha Parks of

“I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros.”

Indeed, Blue Ivy’s fro took over the Internet this weekend and for good reason: she’s embracing her head of hair and she doesn’t care what you have to say about it.

Beyonce has been ridiculed for “not grooming” her Blue Ivy’s hair since the beginning of time—even sparking an online petition to “comb her hair.” At one point, there was even talk that Beyonce was finally going to “succumb to the pressure” and give Blue Ivy a relaxer.

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In fact, if you Google “Blue Ivy Carter,” you will find images of her hair categorized as “done,” “combed,” and “nappy.” It’s actually quite sad how much time and effort has been invested into criticizing a child’s hair.

We’ve seen Blue Ivy’s hair loose, in fros, twistouts, buns, puffs, and adorned with accessories. (And her “Coming to America” look? Adorable!) Never has Beyonce apologized or made excuses for loving her daughter’s hair just the way it is.

Well finally, we can put all of that nonsense to rest because clearly, Beyonce’s not fazed by all of the negative attention her daughter’s hair has received. In Beyonce’s new video, “Formation,” Blue Ivy sports her blowout with pride and grace, showing young girls everywhere that they can and should, too.


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