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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Products That Work For Your Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Products That Work For Your Hair
by Michelle Thames of

Today, there are a TON of products in the natural hair.  It seems that a new one is released every day! And while I love taking long walks in the product aisle *cues music*, I know that so many options can be a problem for some folks. Do you have too many products and can’t figure out what actually works for your hair? Below you’ll find the top 5 reasons for why you can’t find products that work for your hair!


You Buy Everything
And I mean everything you see! You my dear are a product junkie. You buy every new product that comes out. You love how it feels to purchase products so you do it all the time! Sound familiar? Everything does not work for everybody. Take the time to inventory the products that you have first to determine what you want to try next instead of buying any and everything.

You Don’t Give Products a Fair Chance
You only use the product once and you never really give it a fair chance. I use products 2 and 3 times in different ways to ensure that it does or does not work for my hair. It’s a trial and error process and in order to see the best results with products you have to test them out in multiple ways. Try it on a twist out, try it with a braid out, wash n go, or rod set. Figure out why you may like a product (take a look at the top 5 ingredients) and write it down so that you look for similar attributes in another product you may want to try. This is the same for products that you don’t like– write down the reasons why you don’t like the product and use that to find products that work for you!  Keep good records in your hair journal and product shopping will get easier and easier.

You Don’t Use The Product Properly
You may have used that co-wash incorrectly, or you may not have left that new deep conditioner in for long enough. Read the directions for products carefully and try to follow them as best as you can for your hair to see the best results.

You Don’t Read Reviews
Reviews by others who have used the products I want to try help me a whole lot! If all they have is 1 star, walk away! If you don’t read any good reviews then you don’t need to try it!

You Don’t Know Your Hair Type or Texture 
By hair type I am including porosity, curly, wavy etc. I really don’t like to use 3a b c, but it does play a role in finding products. Some products work better than others on different types of hair. Your hair porosity determines a lot when looking for products. Your hair may not like protein if you have low porosity hair so you should stay away from products with excessive protein. Knowing your hair porosity can help you tremendously when searching for products that work.

Are you having trouble finding products that work?

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