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How Many Breaks Do You Take A Day At Work?

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How Many Breaks Do You Take A Day At Work?

​Pictured, Black woman counting down to her second bathroom break

by Mike Orie of

In hip hop music; the breaks are when the extra instruments drop out and the track strips down. Usually causing you to reflect or to add deeper emphasis on a particular instrument or moment in the song. Just in case you’re not following me, it’s 2:50-3:00 on Juvenile’s ‘Back That Thang Up’. But in life, sometimes we add lots of breaks into our daily soundtrack. Smoke breaks, lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, Facebook breaks, second bathroom breaks, Beyonce breaks, snack breaks, and walk over to your coworkers desk breaks. We’ve somehow justified a different break for every hour of our 8-hour work day.

Have you ever been on one break, but you spend it thinking about the next one? During your coffee break, “Man… I can’t wait for lunch.” The sad thing… it’s the same thing you ate yesterday. Because you’re trying to eat healthy so you made chicken breast, white rice and threw in some kale. It’s the meal prep starter kit. “Cook whatever you normally eat, and throw in some kale.” But the thing is, by the time you get to your lunch break, you microwave your chicken, but the chicken’s dried out, and now that all-purpose fat free seasoning (that’s a thing right?) you used tastes like you didn’t season it at all. Or like, when you make spaghetti and mix the sauce and the noodles all together, and forget to add the extra sauce on top so that when you reheat it in the microwave, the noodles don’t dry out. And by the time you’ve made it taste halfway decent, your 30-minute lunch break is over. So it’s got you thinking about your favorite break. Happy hour. Where you justify a cheat meal because you ate kale for lunch. You could probably use a break from cooking anyway. It’s taco Tuesday. Which is how you’ve been able to justify those weekly margaritas for the past six months.It’s four o’clock and you’ve just put off all your unfinished work until tomorrow. Time to pour up.

Well, this new column is happy hour; combined with coffee break (probably lemonade for the next couple of weeks) and that unnecessary trip to your coworker’s desk where you talk about the same thing you just talked about through G Chat. I may not be able to nod and text at the same time like your uninterested coworker, but hit me in the comment section and we can work it out. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to talk about. So I guess I’ll have to find out too. But I just spent the last hour writing this though, so I guess it’s time for my break. Stay tuned.

How Many Breaks Do You Take A Day At Work?
Mike “Orie” Mosley is a freelance writer/photographer and cultural advocate from St. Louis. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management from Columbia College Chicago and a Masters in Higher Education Administration from LSU. He is also the co-founder of music and culture website In his spare time, he’s probably listening to hip hop & neo soul music, hitting up brunch or caught up in deep conversations about Black music. You can follow him on Twitter @mike_orie or on Instagram @mikeorie

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