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How to Maintain Healthy Short Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Maintain Healthy Short Hair
Miss Alexandria Nicole
by Emilia Obiekea of

There are many different starts to the natural hair journey. Some slowly transition from relaxed, heat or color damaged hair. While others reach for the scissors and go for the big chop (BC). Rocking a new short style can be daunting and liberating for new naturals. Here are some tips to help get you over the hump. Check them out so you can enjoy your hair in all of its awesomeness!


Simple Do’s & Don’ts for Rocking Healthy Short Hair

  • Don’t stress about figuring out your curl pattern. Enjoy the growing process. As your hair grows the pattern will show. Then you can define it.
  • Do moisturize your hair daily/ nightly. Like a plant, your scalp and hair loves water and water based products. You can use a store bought product or a DIY leave in conditioner. Give the LOC or LCO methods a try. They are great ways to lock in moisture. Over time, you will start to realize when your hair needs to be moisturized and when you can skip a day or two. I love to use Florets & Crème leave in and Daily Dew oil. You can use any leave in, oils and butters of choice. Don’t weigh your hair down with heavy oils and butters.
  • Don’t forget to cover your hair at night with a scarf or bonnet. Be sure they are made of satin or silk. This will aid in moisture retention and reduce the chances for unnecessary breakage. Try to avoid using bonnets with thin elastic bands in them. They tend to rub the hair off of your hair line. This is more noticeable with those that have thin or delicate strands.
  • Do cleanse your hair and scalp regularly. Many short haired naturals swear by cowashing with a cleansing conditioner. Other alternatives are cleansing clays (like bentonite), shampoos without SLS and acv rinses are great for removing build up.
  • Don’t forget to deep condition weekly. No matter the length, it is always good to complete your wash day with a quick rinse out conditioner, deep condition or a hot oil treatment.
  • Do experiment with styling & accessories. Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean that you have to rock your tresses in one way. You can play around with the haircuts…such as getting brush cut to a tapered cut. Some great styles to try are bantu knots, roller sets, flexi rods, flat twist, twist outs, etc… Not ready to try new styles? Time to accessorize! Wearing headbands, bows, wraps and scarves with a cute set of earing and a statement necklace will make you look at beautiful as you feel.
  • Don’t get frustrated and become a product junkie. Everything doesn’t work for everyone. It is easy to fall into that trap of buying the latest, greatest and more raved about product lines that are released. It does take trial and error to find products that work best for you. To avoid the hefty price tag purchase travel or trial size sets. Buy products when they are on sale. Swap products with your friends.

Hope these tips are helpful and enjoy your natural your way!

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