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Reduce Tangles and Time on Wash Day with These Easy Steps!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Reduce Tangles and Time on Wash Day with These Easy Steps!

Do you dread wash day? I have to be honest – I definitely did. At least, until recently. I’ve finally figured out a way to keep tangles at bay in preparation for wash day while enjoying an attractive, wearable style with my natural hair.


The first step is to dampen hair with water and then add conditioner with slip to hair BEFORE washing hair if you are using a shampoo.

Be sure to let the conditioner stay on the hair about 5-10 minutes to soften it. If you are using a cleansing conditioner, be sure to let it sit on the hair a few minutes before cleansing to allow for easier detangling. Follow up by thoroughly wetting and cleansing the hair, and if you haven’t detangled your hair yet, go ahead and do it now from the roots to the ends. Also, be sure to still condition your hair if it was shampooed.

The next really important thing to do is to employ protective styling by gathering the hair as if you were going to put it into a ponytail at the base of the neck.

Instead of putting it to to a ponytail, put it into a single braid at the base of the neck, or if you have short hair, use the smallest number of twists possible for your hair’s length. Allow the hair to thoroughly dry while in the braid and when you take it down, it should have a nice wave. Pull hair forward or carefully separate the hair to style it the way that you like, being careful to protect the wave pattern of the hair. Another plus is the fact that the hair will be stretched because of the braid, so you should enjoy a bit of curl elongation with this protective styling. If your hair is not shoulder length, use the smallest number of braids possible to keep the hair detangled.

The third step is to maintain the tangle-free state of the hair by repeating the single braid or limited number of twists every night.

A little aloe vera juice or your favorite leave- in conditioner can be lightly misted before re-braiding the hair to be sure that the hair is not beginning to tangle. By repeating this quick, short braiding process on a daily basis, you can enjoy tangle-free tresses for wash day and also enjoy a low maintenance style daily.

Admittedly, this process will initially require some patience. If it is consistently repeated, however, tangles can definitely be minimized and even avoided. As with many things in life, the key to this routine is consistency. But when wash day rolls around and your hair is pretty much tangle free, it will undeniably be absolutely worth it!

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