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Do THIS for the Best Curl Definition, Ever!

By January 27th, 2021One Comment
Do THIS for the Best Curl Definition, Ever!

Do you struggle with the frizzies? I know I do. It seems to come along with the territory once you decide to go natural. You don’t have to scurry away in defeat, though; the battle against frizz can be won! Here are some practical tips that can guarantee success.


TIP #1
Completely Detangle Your Hair Before Applying Any Styling Product

In order for your curl pattern to be evident, tangles HAVE to be removed. A great way to do this is by finger detangling. Before attempting to detangle, though, be sure to soften the hair with a good detangling conditioner, one that has slip but that also is non-drying.

Some people even sleep with the conditioner on their hair the night before wash day; that really makes the hair much easier to work through. Two surprisingly good liquids to use that also detangle extremely well are watered down flax seed gel and okra gel. I have used both of these liquids, and I was amazed at the way my hair INSTANTLY relaxed when they were applied. Both of them can provide a great base under oil and cream, but it is advisable to water them down.

TIP #2
Style wet hair, freshly washed hair is the best!

This seems obvious, but it’s when your hair is wet that the optimal time to apply product occurs, thereby sealing in moisture and protecting your curl pattern. For some, this means the addition of an oil followed by a cream. Other hair textures may require something heavier, like an oil followed by a gel. Other textures may get maximum curl definition with a mousse or other light styler. At any rate, the soaking wet method works the best and also lasts the longest.

What do you do to maximize your curl definition and keep frizz at bay?

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