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How to Choose a Natural Hair Salon: 5 Tips

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How to Choose a Natural Hair Salon: 5 Tips
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by Jascmeen of

Naturals are born DIYers. We take the time to learn our hair and give it the absolute best care possible. Whether it’s to get an annual trim or just a little pampering, sometimes a trip to the salon is warranted— just make sure that you’re trusting your hair to an expert. Here are five tips to getting the salon experience you deserve.

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1. Do Your Research
This goes without saying but keep in mind, a referral isn’t enough. Whether it’s a stylist or a natural hair salon, check out their website, Yelp reviews, and social media presence across all platforms. Look for people getting the service you’re interested in. Take your time and weigh your options.

2. Ask Away
Now that you’ve got a few options, prepare a list of questions. Be extremely direct. Instead of “Hi, I’m interested in some info on crochet braids,” go for “Hi, I’m looking to get shoulder length crochet braids set with medium-sized perm rods. I have 4c ear-length natural hair. Can you provide a price list and an estimate on how long the service will take?”

Ask as many questions as you can. Not only will you know what you’re getting into but you’ll also be able to get even more information on the stylist’s ability and knowledge. You can’t ask too many questions. Politely let your expectations be known.

3. Go for the Expert
If you’ve narrowed it down to more than one stylist or natural hair salon and can’t seem to decide, choose the one who specializes in your desired style. If you go to any salon website you’ll see a long list of services that can offer. Sure, a lengthy list is impressive but a salon that focuses solely on natural hair, braids, or whatever you’re looking to get will only increase the chances that you’ll be in the hands of an expert.

4. Be Prepared
Before your appointment get a clear understanding of prices, keep in mind there may be upcharges on longer hair, braid size, etc. Be sure to ask how your stylist expects you to arrive. Showing up without detangling could end with your stylist adding on an additional fee for combing out your locs. Know what you’re getting into before you get hit with a hefty bill.

Bring pictures and explain what it is about the hair you like. Instead of saying, “I love Taren Guy’s hair,” be more specific and say, “I love Taren’s volume, the size of her curl, and this slightly asymmetrical cut.”

5. Take Notes
So you cashed out on the most epic twist out, Bantu knots, or flexi rod set, now what? Pay attention to the products used and technique so that you can recreate your style at home. What really makes a trip to the salon worth it isn’t the ambiance or even the end result, it’s the knowledge you get firsthand from an expert.

I recently got a trim and shape at DevaCurl. Not only was the stylist able to correct my hair, but I learned so much about products and proper application that it forever changed how I treat my hair. Check out the vlog below:

Have you found your natural hair salon yet?

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