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Curly Nikki

How To Slay Your Frohawk

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How To Slay Your Frohawk

via Jensine of JungleNaps

Jungle Naps is sharing her go to method for creating a frohawk. This edgy style is so cute for any event that requires “slayage.” The style is easy to recreate and will give you poppin’ results as long as you follow these steps.


  1. Start off with a method that will give you stretched, yet defined curls. My method of choice is using multiple flat twists that I subsequently pin to opposite ends. Bantu knots, twist, and braids are also good options.
  2. After unraveling your curls, section the top portion of your hair and pin it up for later. This will subsequently serve as your pompadour.
  3. Gather your loose hair with a banana clip to create your frohawk.
  4. Divide your pompadour into 2 section. Roll the back section in a downward motion and secure with some bobby pins. Bring the front section over the back portion and tuck away any loose end. Taking care to use bobby pins to keep everything in place.

Watch the video for a more detailed demonstration.

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