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How To Transition Hair Care During Vacation

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
How To Transition Hair Care During Vacation
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By Emilia Obiekea of

It’s Spring Time and we know that means it’s time for some much needed fun! But while vacationing, many people forget to protect their hair while they are enjoying outdoor activities. Just as your body needs sunscreen, your hair needs a layer of protection as well. After all the fun, you may notice your ends looking a bit frayed or raggedy. The best thing to do is trim the damaged ends and start taking care of your ends as a preventative measure. Who wants unnecessary length loss? No one! Especially when you are transitioning into your newly natural hair. The following tips below will help you maintain your journey without any setbacks.

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Hair Care

Before swimming:

Be sure to soak your hair with water. Next, you’ll want to coat it lightly in a semi thick oil like rice bran or coconut oil. This step will prevent your hair from absorbing too much water.

After Swimming:

Wash your hair. You can use a swimmer’s shampoo or cleansing conditioner.
Always condition your hair after cleansing. Using a quick rinse out conditioner is good for regular or daily use. They are formulated to be effective in 3-5 mins. Super easy.
If your hair is very dry and needs some TLC be sure to do a hot oil treatment or oil rinsing. I like to use Green Triad Triple Infused Oil for my hot oil treatments. It is most effective for me and I love the minty scent. You can use any oil that you like or have on hand. Can’t go wrong with an oil treatment.
Moisturize your hair and apply a light amount of oil on the ends to deter splitting.
Do your best to avoid direct heat. With so much exposure to sun and water on a regular basis the last thing your hair needs is to be blasted with heat or flat ironed. Embrace low manipulation styles.

Hair Styles

Don’t stress yourself out with overly complicated styling. You are on vacation to enjoy yourself right? Wear your hair in simple, stress free styles. Tight braids or styles can damage your hair due to the tension of the style. This can cause the hair to break or tear and can also cause damage to your follicles. Great styles to wear are lose buns, braids, twist,etc…whatever is simple and doesn’t pull your hair is always a great option.

Hope these tips are helpful. If you have any questions or tips you would like to share post them in the comment section. We are a community of naturals in every stage of their journeys lets help each other out.


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