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An Easy Wash Day Routine for Type 4 Natural hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
An Easy Wash Day Routine for Type 4 Natural hair
IG @shalleenkaye
by Jensine from Jungle Naps

Let’s be honest. When you’re natural and wash day hits, sometimes you dread the long process ahead of you. The detangling, the long DC sessions that turn into naps, and post-wash styling are all part of the process. However, a few helpful tips can make all difference.

1) Detangle Prior To Getting Into The Shower
When your hair is soaking wet, it’s at it’s weakest point. Basically, this means you’re more likely to see breakage when you detangle on soaking wet hair. Try detangling on slightly damp hair (using a spray bottle) and the process will be less stressful on your hair. Plus you’ll save water and time in the shower.

2) Wash Your Hair In Sections To Prevent Tangling
You all have heard this before. It’s probably even etched in stone as one of the 10 Commandments For Natural Divas. There’s a reason why it’s been said time and time again. It works! Depending on the thickness of your hair, 2 – 5 sections will help keep your tresses knot free.

3) Use A Scalp Massager

If you don’t have one, please invest! Scalp massagers loosen product build-up and dirt from your scalp. It is much more efficient than rubbing your scalp with your fingers and helps to speed along the shampoo process.

4) Find Your Balance Between Protein & Deep Conditioning Treatments

As a natural, it’s so important to find your own unique balance between the two. Protein will help to reinforce your strands and DC’s will keep your hair moisturized. Using one without the other often results in weak or over-moisturized hair.

5) Find Your Holy Grail Leave In
That leave in that magically melts knots is not only in fairy tales. When you find the right one, it will provide your hair type with ample moisture and keep your hair tangle free for styling.

Watch the video to see how to apply these tips on your next wash day.

What’s your regimen? How has it changed?

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