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This is How to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Summer

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
This is How to Keep Your Natural Hair Moisturized This Summer
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by Sabrina Perkins of

Summer is finally here! Goodbye to the big clunky coats and hello sundresses and crop tops. No matter what style they choose to rock, a major challenge that some naturals always seem to face during the hot and steamy summer months is keeping their hair hydrated. That’s right, some naturals face hydration problems in the summer as much as they do in the winter!

But there are ways to incorporate moisture into any summer routine that will leave your strands hydrated and soft. Here are 5 ways to keep your hair hydrated this summer:


Apply Heavy Oil/Cream Before Getting In The Water
Whether you’re bathing in the ocean or relaxing in the pool, your hair can get dried out from both of these if you’re not careful. Salt water doesn’t draw much moisture out of the hair, but it does leave some very horrible-feeling build up, while chlorinated water strips the hair of moisture and oils completely!

By adding a layer of protection to your hair in the form of a heavy oil, cream or conditioner, you’re creating a barrier that will prevent your hair from losing a substantial amount of moisture. It also helps to wet the hair first so you are repelling even more chlorinated or salt-water (a wet sponge doesn’t soak up more water).

Use Products With Humectants
Humectants draw moisture from the environment which helps both replenish and retain moisture in the hair throughout the day. Since there will be plenty of humid days in our future, we may as well make the most of them! Look for products that contain glycerin, honey and elastin.

Drink Plenty Of Water
One of the best ways to keep your hair hydrated, is by hydrating yourself! Staying hydrated in the summer is pretty much a no-brainer and with most fruits being at their peak season, you can get your days’ worth of water in with little to no fuss! Consume fruits like melons, cucumbers, and apples in addition to drinking at least 4 bottles of water a day (equal to 8 glasses). I find that it’s fun to infuse my water with different fruit like strawberries, lemons, limes, pineapples, sprigs of mint and cucumbers to liven up the flavor a little bit.

Deep Condition
This should already be part of your regimen anyway, but be sure to deep condition your hair weekly if you’re planning on being out in the sun a lot. The blazing sun not only draws moisture out of the hair, but it can actually cause heat damage as well as bleaching! We need to keep these strands healthy and strong so after a day at out in the heat, be sure to deep condition with something that will replenish the moisture without leaving the hair weighed down or greasy.

Protect Your Strands
Protective styling pretty much goes without saying, but I know how it is during the summer-wanting to fro it out as much as you can before the dreaded cold returns. If you do plan on wearing your hair out, be sure to apply a moisturizer or serum that contains some type of SPF. Although we’re privy to applying sun block to our skin, not many of us know that it needs to be applied to the hair as well. Shea butter boasts as a natural sun block, but there are other products that you can purchase for the sole purpose of SPF protection for your hair.

Another great way to protect your strands during the summer is by wearing a hat or a head wrap. I love to utilize head wraps during the summer for days where it’s just too hot to wear my hair out. Hats are also great for those carefree days where you’re trying to be functional without compromising your slay.

What are some ways you hydrate your hair during the summer?

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