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10 Things Every Natural Hair Girl Needs!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
10 Things Every Natural Hair Girl Needs!
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by Michelle Thames of

Are you newly natural, a veteran in the game, or thinking about going natural soon? Well this list is for everyone! I was sitting at home one day and I thought to myself, wow, what would I do without certain products that I use for my natural hair?! I would probably be lost without some of my favorite and must have items, so I compiled a list of what I think every natural hair girl needs!

  1. Denman Brush This is the 1st thing on the natural hair starter kit! LOL. This brush will get you through some very tough detangling sessions, and you will rely on it like air conditioning in the summer.
  2. A Good Deep Conditioner A good deep conditioner is a God send! I am literally obsessed with deep conditioners that I have so many favorites. Once you find a good deep conditioner you keep it, kinda like a man! LOL
  3. Perm Rods Look, when in doubt, perm rod it out! I love me some perm rods and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I have an entire case dedicated to all of my different perm rods in all colors!
  4. A Stylist You Can Trust Yes, I said it. You have to be able to trust your stylist, because you can’t have someone who will try to sneak a perm in your conditioner on the low. So make sure you find a really good stylist that you can visit to care for your hair. Do your research and interview some local stylists. Treat this process as if you are an employer looking for the best employee for the job :).
  5. A Good Edge Control Are you on the search for the perfect edge control? Have you tried all the edge controls out here and still come out with flyaways? You need a good edge control that’s going to hold you down, literally! Check out some of my favorites by Mielle Organics, Creme of Nature, and Inspire by Made Beautiful.
  6. A Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner If you didn’t know by now, moisture is a major key in this natural hair game! Having a good leave in conditioner is essential for your regimen. Make sure you find one that fits your hair’s needs. I love Jane Carter, Design Essentials, Mielle Organics and Treluxe.
  7. Bobby Pins Yep you will lose most of them but keep a stash in your purse. You never know when you will need an emergency bobby pin!
  8. Hair Clips Duck clips… claw clips, whatever you want to call them. When styling my hair I need like 8 of them to section off my hair as I style each section. They come in handy every time!
  9. A good Satin Bonnet Your night-time routine should involve a good satin bonnet. You don’t want to break off your edges by sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. If you don’t like sleeping in a bonnet I suggest a good satin pillowcase to sleep on. I love Ebonicurls for my satin bonnets.
  10. A good oil Essential oils are good for treating dry scalp, stimulating the hair follicles, and helping your scalp stay healthy overall. Some of my favorites are sweet almond oil and tea tree oil.

What are some of your favorites?

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