Stretch your hair first before attempting something like this

by Ariane of

My hair is tightly coiled and shrinks up to 70% or more its true length so protective styles are not always my favorite look. I much prefer low manipulation styles like my go to high afro puff because I love having volume, but I cannot deny the benefits of protective styling.

When my hair is worn protectively my hair it isn’t as prone to tangles, in many cases it’s very low maintenance, it retains moisture far longer and ultimately I have less breakage which gives me more length retention. What I have found is that there are some tricks to adding more glam to protective looks…

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#1 Do protective styles on stretched hair

This is sooo important! If you have a lot of shrinkage, your hairstyle is very likely to look flat and not have the volume if you do not style on stretched hair.

#2 Have thin strands? Use this technique to create more volume

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Although I have lots of strands on my head “full hair” my individual strands themselves are thin, which also means less volume. Luckily you can fake volume by creating more sections if you are doing an updo. For example, if a person with more thick strands does a style that calls for four sections, try six if you want the appearance of more volume.

#3 Marley and braiding hair are your friends

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Again if you really enjoy hair with a lot of volume, marley or braiding hair can create the fullness that you are looking for. Use it to enhance your bun or to create elegant crown braids.

#4 Try accessories

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A bomb accessory could be all you need to glam it up. It really makes a difference! From headwraps to hair jewelry there are a lot of ways to give your look something extra.

#5 Leave some hair out

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It won’t be considered a complete protective style, but it will still for the most part accomplish your end goals. Instead of doing a bun or tuck in roll style with all of your hair pulled back try leaving out a bang area.