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5 Tips to Grow Long, Thick & Healthy Natural Hair | Type 4B/4C

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
5 Tips to Grow Long, Thick & Healthy Natural Hair | Type 4B/4C
by Naomi from LAMBB

You might not appreciate being compared to a plant, but let me tell you why it is the most beautiful and accurate comparison. Natural hair is a lot like a plant, the more you water it the better it will grow. Not to mention our hair journeys typically start out a lot like a seed- small but bursting with potential. Also just like a plant needs sun and nutrients, our hair needs satin scarves and oils. So allow me to share with you my 5 Top Tips to growing Long, Thick and Healthy Natural Hair, so you can blossom into the beautiful plant you are.

Use No heat– I know shrinkage can be an enemy of progress but blowing drying your hair every time you wash it leaves it more prone to heat damage. Besides there are plenty of ways you can stretch your hair without using heat, check out a method I use here!

Keep your hair Moisturized– Natural hair is naturally dry, so it is important to constantly add moisture to your hair, especially the ends as these are the oldest parts of your hair. Develop a regimen that may consist of moisturizing your hair every night, or day. If you are not sure how well your hair retains moisture, give the Porosity Test a try.

Deep Condition– it is crucial to deep condition your hair every time you wash it. Deep conditioning makes your hair more soft and manageable after you wash, whilst also imparting moisture.

Drink Water– nobody really likes being told what they should and shouldn’t eat, however your diet is important when it comes to hair growth. Do aim to drink about 2 litres of water a day, but if water is not your thing try throwing in a lemon!

Protective Styles– During these colder months I very rarely leave my natural hair out, this is because of the damage the drying winds could potentially do to my hair. Instead I braid my hair down and throw on a wig!

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