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3 Things to do When You’re Tired of Your Natural Hair

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
3 Things to do When You're Tired of Your Natural Hair

by Victoria Davis of

Give Your Hair a Break 
Install that protective style you’ve always wanted to try. I am a huge fan of mini twists, but if you aren’t up for doing it yourself, go to a shop for twists or braids. Remember to be sure the stylist doesn’t do the style too tight and always remember to care for your own hair underneath.


Put it up and…forget about it!
With all of these turban and cinnabun styles done with headscarves you can still be stylish while mentally giving yourself a break from you hair.  Just be sure to moisturize regularly and rock a satin scarf underneath the decorative head wrap!

Trim those ends
Part of the reason you may be experiencing difficulty could be a result of your unhealthy ends. Trimming your ends helps in the detangling process and cuts down on single strand knots.   It also makes the styling process a breeze.

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