by Ariane of

Go digital with your natural hair journey! There are a few apps available that will simplify some things for you. While there may be some aspects of natural hair care that will always be challenging, that doesn’t have to mean everything about it has to be. Especially when we have technology right at our fingertips why not use it? Here are the Top 5 Natural Hair Apps every natural should try.


This app brings the salon to you. No long waits at the salon, get salon service right in your home. Simply download the app for your Android or IOS device. Then locate a stylist in your area, schedule an appointment and they will come to you to do your hair.
Get a full hair analysis. Send your samples of your strands to Myavana labs and they will provide you with a comprehensive report accessible through your personal dashboard. You will discover your porosity, density, elasticity and a recommendation of products best suited for your hair. Avaiable on IOS and Android devices.
Stick to your hair goals, track your progress and document your journey through photos. This app is a user friendly way to help you stay committed to improving the health of your hair. This app is currently only available on Android.
Looking for a good natural hair salon in your area? Look no further than the Styleseat app! Simply type in the service or hairstyle you are looking for, put in your location and you will find salons in your area. From there you can view prices and book an appointment. Available on IOS and Android devices.
Another way to stay committed to your journey! This app features the ability to set reminders, track progress, and input your personal review of the products that you try. This app is available on both IOS and Android