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Can’t Style Hair? 3 Tips for Styling When You Are Not the Best Styler!

By January 27th, 2021No Comments
Can't Style Hair? 3 Tips for Styling When You Are Not the Best Styler!
Image Source @TheNaturalistaHairShow
by Jonna of

Growing up with a great aunt who was a hairstylist and salon owner, learning how to do hair styles was like second nature to me. I would do cornrows and twists, even hair cuts on my dolls. As I got older, I would try everything from color to weaves on my own hair. I was pretty good at it and even considering becoming a hair stylist. I always thought doing hair was just a thing all Black girls learned to do growing up. That’s until I started blogging about natural hair, and connected with so many women who don’t know how to two-strand twist, braid or cornrow.

If that’s you, the thought of trying to style your own hair can be daunting. But never fear – it is not too late to learn. Here are some tips for styling your own hair even when you aren’t the best at it:

#1: Patience. Be patient with your self. Don’t be so hard on yourself if it takes you a while to learn a certain styling technique. Also, give yourself the extra time you know you might need to style your hair. If you know you have a limited amount of time, don’t try a style you aren’t that good at. You’ll run the risk of having to rush through it, and it definitely won’t turn out how you want it.

#2: Practice. We know the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ and it is true when it comes to learning styling techniques. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. So if there is something you want to learn to do, or get better at doing, try it over and over again until you have the technique perfected. Don’t avoid it because it’s harder to do. Find video tutorials on YouTube that show the technique close up and don’t be afraid to slow it down or rewind it a few times until you’re comfortable with it.

#3: Professional help. Don’t be afraid (or too cheap) to seek the help of professional natural hair stylists. A great stylist will not just style your hair, but will also teach you how to style your own hair at home so that you can maintain the style or even recreate it. Many salons and stylists even offer hair styling classes for their clients so that they can learn hands-on how to do simple styles. Salon Noa located in Virginia Beach, VA, and N Natural Hair Studioin Silver Spring, MD are both salons that offer these types of classes. The at the beginning of this article is from one of their hands-on classes offered during the Naturalista Hair Show they host each year.

Remember the 3 P’s of becoming better at styling your hair: Patience, Practice, and Professional Help. Putting these 3 tips to use will help you improve your hair styling skills.


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